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Honors World History


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He was king while Napoleon was in exile in Elba, but fled once Napoleon escaped.
St. Helena
Death place of Napoleon Bonaparte. He was exiled here after the battle of waterloo where he lost thousands of soldiers from his empire. An island in the middle of the ocean guarded 24/7 by the British so he couldn't escape.
The 100 Days
The Battle of Waterloo
Battle of Nations (Leipzig)
Battle of Borodino
Russian Campaign
Battle of Jena
Battle of Austerlitz
Battle of Trafalgar
The "Code Napoleon" or Napoleon's "Civil Code"
Wanted equality for everyone. Spread this everywhere.
Napoleon's Style of Battle
Political Philosophies 1. Liberal (radical)
Political Philosophies 2. Moderates
Political Philosophies 3. Conservatives (reactionaries)
Demands of the bourgeoisie
Napoleon's take over of the revolution (coup d'etat)
Radical wing of the Jacobins. Danton was the leader.
The Directory
The 2nd French Revolution
Gradual change from moderate to radical control. Storming the tuileries, ect....
Group who suffered most during the french revolution
Brunswick Manifesto
Escape to Varennes
The Tennis Court Oath
March on Versailles
Committee of Public Safety
National Assembly
The Bastille
Louis XVI
Old Regime
First Estate
Second Estate
Third Estate
General Will
Something that the majority of the population is in favor of
Social Contract, give up your freedoms to the government as long as that government reflects the GENERAL WILL
Separate the powers of government.
Freedom of speech/press and religion
John Locke
Social contract as long as the government protects your natural rights. (property, life, liberty...)
Thomas Hobbes
Give up your rights to a monarch.
Social Contract
The idea saying that you give up your freedoms/rights to the government in order to receive protection from them.
The English Bill of Rights
William & Mary
The Glorious Revolution
James II
Charles II
The Restoration
The Instrument Of Government
Cromwell's law
Th Petition of Right
Charles I is forced to sign it. When he ignores it, he brings parliament back...
The Magna Carta
First real document (1215) that limits the King's power
Oliver Cromwell
Charles I
James I
First Stuart Ruler. Next in line after Elizabeth
The English Civil War --causes, results, who, why
Taxes & Religion--issues.
Spanish Armada
Spanish naval fleet sent to invade England and take Catherine out of power.
Mary Queen of Scots
Elizabeth's catholic cousin connected with Phillip II. Phillip tries to convince her to take over Catholic. Is executed by Elizabeth
Mary Tudor
aka "Bloody Mary" because she was catholic and persecuted protestants.
Elizabeth I
Protestant. Virgin queen
Anne Boleyn
Elizabeth's mother, executed by Henry VIII
Catherine of Aragon
Henry VIII
Royal family
King's palace built by Louis 14th. Limits power of nobility.
War of Spanish Succession
Louis 14th wants to put his grandson on the throne of Spain
Louis XIV--policies, programs, religion, ect
Strengthen monarchy. Ruled for by Mazarin at the beginning. Catholic.
Rebellions of the nobles
Cardinal Mazarin
Catholic who controlled for small children. Wanted to centralize government. Absolute monarch (Louis 14th)
Cardinal Richelieu--policies, programs, religion, ect
Catholic who controlled for small children. Wanted to centralize government. Absolute monarch (louis 13th)
The royal family of France
Frederick William I
THIRD. Built up military, saved money.
Frederick William, The Great Elector
FIRST, builds Prussian Army. Everything centered around the military. No natural borders
Frederick II (the Great)
FOURTH. Takes Silesia. Expands Prussia and makes it a royal power.
Frederick I
SECOND, the first king of Prussia.
Government districts allowing the czar to be in control of russia
Catherine the Great--programs, wars, westernization, policies, religion, ect
Wars. Eliminates something. Makes nobles happy. Fights against Turks to get the Black Sea. Expands into Poland
Partitioning of Poland
Russia, Prussia, Austria (broke apart Poland)
Peter the Great--programs, wars, westernization
Gubernii ~government districts. Fights wars against Sweden to westernize Russia. Moves capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg. TAxes, socially, culturally--wants
Ivan IV (the terrible)--policies, programs ect
a.k.a. Ivan the Terrible. (Ivan the great's grandson) Got rid of anyone against him. Tried to expand Russia. Conquers Mongol territory. Expands into Siberia. Get rid of any opposition.
Ivan III
Ivan The Great. From Russia. Responsible for ending tribute to the Mongols. He united the Russians against the Mongols.
Pragmatic Sanction
Said that Maria Theresa inherited all austrian land
7 Years War
(french & indian war) war of austrian succession led to this with french & british take sides either austria or prussia (extension of war of austrian succession)
Maria Theresa
Takes over from her father because of the Pragmatic Sanction
War of Austrian Succession
Started by Frederick the Great because Maria was in charge. He wanted to take over Silesia
Peace of Westphalia
Peace treaty to end the 30 years war
30 Years War--origins, causes, results, countries, ect
austria, started through religion, but was really about balance of power. Who will take over the HRE
Holy Roman Empire
Loose alliance of central European states. (mostly German states)
Revolt of the Netherlands (from Spain)
William of Orange was in charge and left Spain
Philip II
King of Spain married to Mary Tudor in attempt to gain control of England
Charles V
Big supporter of Catholocism, as did Phillip
Balance of Power--definitions/uses, examples
Concept/definition of the modern nation-state (european states)
The Scientific Method
Part of the Scientific Revolution. Observation, ect
John Calvin
Something you pay the Catholic church for forgiveness. Often considered a free pass to sin.
95 Thesis
Martin Luther's denounciation of the indulgence system; reasons he thought the church was wrong. On October 13th 1517, Martin Luther nailed it to the door of the church
Martin Luther
The Council of Trent
Part of the counter reformation, meeting of the catholics to decide what to do.
The Counter Reformation
Church's response to the reformation
Reformation--origins, results, ect
Population trends during Age of Exploration
Europeans & Africans are going to Americas
Mercantilism--definition, weaknesses
When you had more of a nation-based economy. Based more on exports than imports. Very dependent on colonies.
Commercial Revolution
Atlantic Slave Trade--reasons, triangular trade, middle passage
Came out of exploration. They wanted to make money but they were looking for new cheif labor. TT--americas, europe, africa. Middle Passage--worst part of TT, slave trade
Arab-Italian Trade Monopoly
Controlled Spices
The MAIN motives for the voyages of exploration
Trying to break up the A-I monopoly. Looking for gold, spreading christianity. "Glory, God, & Gold"
Characters & Roles (N&A)
nicholas, alexandra, otma, rasputin, alexis, dr. blotkin, anna v
Russo-Japanese War (N&A)
Duma (N&A)
created by nicholas
World War I (Russia involvement) (N&A)
March & November Revolutions (N&A)
march-- tsar's overthrown, november--bolsovics take over 1917
Provisional Government and Kerensky (N&A)
Bolsheviks (Trotsky & Lenin) (N&A)
Exile to Siberia (N&A)
Because they can't be sent anywhere else.
The Murderers (who, what, where, when, why, how) (N&A)
The Aftermath (N&A)

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