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1-20 history midterm


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a powerful Indian group who lived in parts of South America
to sail completely around the world
William Bradford
a Puritan, a chosen replacement governor of the Plymouth colony
a large plot of land farmed by many workers
Sir Walter Raleigh
friend of Queen Elizabeth's, raised enough money to start a colony, founded the Roanoke colony
John Smith
a young soldier and explorer who became the leader of the Jamestown Colony
Virginia Company
a buisiness that was given the right to settle lands in North America
Northwest Passage
a waterway through or around North America
Hernando Cortes
a spanish conquistador who captured the Aztec Empire
House of Burgesses
made laws for the colony, like a government
Established Church
the chosen religion of a country
Ferdinand Magellan
first person to completely circumnavigate
Father Marquette
and explorer who traveled 700 miles up the Mississippi River led by Indians
Francisco Pizarro
a spanish conquistador who captured the Incan Empire
a powerful group of Indians who lived in parts of Mexico
Christopher Columbus
an Italian Sea Captain who discovered the Americas
Ferdinand and Isabella
the king and queen of Spain, financed Columbus's trip to North America

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