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Soc Studies lesson 3


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Christopher Columbus
Believed he could reach Asia by sailing west across the Ocean Sea (Atlantic)
What were the names of Columbus' ships
Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria
Marco Polo
Explorer in the 1400s who wrote about Asia
spanish explorers and soldiers
The goal of Prince Henry's school of navigation was to?
To find the most direct sea route to Asia from Europe by sailing south from Africa and then across the Indian Ocean.
What did Vespucci discover
South America
large sums of money
Juan Ponce de Leon
First Spanish explorer to set foot on land that became part of the United States (Florida)
cost of an expedition
an effort made to achieve or gain something
Prince Henry of Portugal
Opened up school of navigation
San Salvador
The carribean island Columbus landed on and claimed the island for Spain.
benefit (or reward gained)
the chance of finding riches worth many times the cost of the trip
Ferdinand Magellan
In 1519 he left Spain to prove Vespucci was right.
King Henry's aim for the Cabot expedition
Paid John Cabot to help England compete with other European nations for land and wealth
What did Ferdinand discover
the Pacific Ocean (means "peaceful")
movement to make Spain all Catholic
Prince Henry hired scientists to improve what two tools:
the compass and the astrolabe
Northwest Passage
a waterway in North America thought to connect the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean
What problems did Columbus' crew have
storms and no wind
science of planning and following a route
How did Columbus persuade the King and queen to pay for his expedition?
He promised them great riches and new lands.
John Cabot
Discovered Cananda
Why did Europeans not sail to Asia
there were no maps that showed the world correctly
is made up of lands ruled by the nation that won control of them
the scientific knowledge and tools need for long sea trips
why was the northwest passage important
the first country to find a new trade route between Europe and Asia would gain great riches.
set up up and ran their expeditions just as it was their own business
Who helped Columbus pay for his journey
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain
Amerigo Vespucci
an Italian who sailed down the coast of South America
a trip taken with the goal of exploration

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