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Tillman, Gergory. "About TV ratings and the V Chip." 5/5/05 4/28/05 <>
TV guidlines are designed to be simple to use, easy to understand and handy to find. The Guidelines apply to all television programs, including those directed specifically to young children. Sports and news shows will not carry the Guidelines. The V-Chip - a device built into most newer television sets - to allow parents to block out programs they don't want their children to see. The V-Chip electronically reads television-programming ratings and allows parents to block programs they believe are unsuitable for their children.
Nielsen, Arthur C. "What TV ratings really mean." 5/5/05 3/21/05 <>
But what Nielsen Media Research means by a "TV rating" is not the same as the common usage of the word "rating". Nielsen Media Research does not provide qualitative evaluations of how much a program is "liked" when we rate programs. The TV rating is only the simplest and most democratic measure of the audience: how many people watched. Programs which have larger audiences are, by definition, the successful ones. Ratings numbers which you may have seen are the average audience rating, or the percent tuned to a particular program during the average minute.
Mead, Thomas. "Understanding Television Rating Systems and Codes." 5/5/05 4/7/05 <>
Regulation of television content in Canada is primarily a voluntary system. Broadcasters, cable systems and speciality channels follow voluntary codes of conduct that address issues such as violence, gender representation, ethics, and advertising to children.
Craig, Jeremy. "Understanding the Rating System." 5/5/05 2/14/01 <>
The ratings system required by the US Federal Communications Commission was first put into use in January 1997 by cable and broadcast television, with all shows bearing a rating in the upper left-hand corner, except for news telecasts. This system is used with the new V-Chip control device, which, according to who you ask, can be a way for parents to either keep their kids safe, or could be the beginnings of government censorship. Again, this is all according to who you ask.
Vincentrini, Anthony. "A Guide To TV ratings system." 5/5/05 9/7/03 <>
The TV ratings system exists in order to help parents make informed decisions about what they want their children to watch or not to watch on television. The ratings system applies to all TV programs, except news and sports programming.

For the first 15 seconds at the beginning of each rated program, the rating appears in the upper left hand corner of the TV screen. When a program lasts more than an hour, the rating reappears on the screen at the beginning of the second hour. Time Warner Cable's program guide and most printed TV guides also include the programs' ratings.
Novoa, Joseph. "Defining the TV rating system." 5/5/05 1/21/05 <>
In 1996, the television industry created the TV Parental Guidelines – a voluntary rating system designed to give parents information about the content of television programs.
The Associated Press. "Benedict XVI Visits Papal Summer Residence." 5/5/05 5/5/05 <>
CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI flew by helicopter Thursday to this ancient, lakeside hill town for an excursion and to take formal possession of his summer palace in his first trip outside Rome since becoming pontiff.
Dimmler, Eleni. "Pope Stresses Peace in Togo, workers' rights in first Sunday Blessing." 5/1/05 5/6/05 <>
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI delivered his first Sunday noon blessing and launched appeals for peace, for the defense of workers' rights and for unity between Catholic and Orthodox Christians.
Benedicta Cipolla Catholic News Services. "Pope visits tomb of St. Paul, praises his work for spreading the Gospel." 4/25/05 5/6/05 <>
ROME (CNS) -- In his first official foray into the city of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI visited the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls to pray at the tomb of the apostle and pay homage to his legacy of spreading the Gospel.
Benedicta Cipolla Catholic News Services. "Pope renames Cardinal Sodano as Secretary of State." 4/21/05 5/6/05 <>
Pope Benedict XVI made his first appointment to the Roman Curia by nominating Italian Cardinal Angelo Sodano to remain as secretary of state.

An April 21 Vatican statement said the pope also confirmed for the time being all heads of curial departments and the president of the office governing Vatican City State, U.S. Cardinal Edmund C. Szoka.
Pope John Paul II first named Cardinal Sodano to his post at the Secretariat of State in 1991. Curial appointments generally last for five years, with the possibility of renewal.
Wooden, Cindy. "At Pope's first public Mass, Vatican Inaugurates new rights, rituals." 4/24/05 5/6/05 <>
With Pope Benedict XVI's first public Mass, the Vatican inaugurated new rites, rituals and vestments.

Developed during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, the changes were kept as drafts until Pope Benedict approved them the day after his April 19 election, said Msgr. Crispino Valenziano, a consultant to the office of papal liturgical ceremonies.
The Associated Press. "Pope marks month after John Paul II's death." 5/2/05 5/9/05 <>
VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI marked the passing of a month since John Paul II's death today at a Mass in his private chapel, the Vatican said, a day after he blessed some 50,000 people in his first appearance at his Vatican window as head of the Roman Catholic church.
Grant, Sanford. "DeLay Announces $13 Million Grant to Hobby Airport." 4/28/05 5/9/05 <>
WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom DeLay (R-Sugar Land) today announced that William P. Hobby Airport will receive a grant in the amount of $13 million from the Department of Transportation. These funds will be used to update and improve critical infrastructure, as well as maintain a primary commercial runway.
Slighter, Jonathan. "DeLay, High Tech Working Group Outline Priorities; 109th House Agenda Focused on Needs of 21st Century Economy." 5/4/05 5/9/05 <
WASHINGTON – House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) today joined members of the House of Representatives’ High Tech Working Group to outline priorities in the 109th Congress’ agenda that will continue to improve the economy and spur technological innovation.
Partin, Janet. "Latest News About Tom DeLay." 4/6/05 5/9/05 <>
This morning, the Washington Post and the New York Times each broke new scandals involving Republican Majority Leader Rep. Tom DeLay. According to the Times, DeLay paid his wife and daughter more than $500,000 of his political donors' money over the last four years. And the Post article highlights a seedy 1997 trip DeLay took, underwritten by "a mysterious company located in the Bahamas" that was tied to Russian business interests.
Delay, Tom. "Biography of Congressmen Tom DeLay." 2/4/05 5/9/05 <>
Tom DeLay serves as House Majority Leader in the 108th Congress. Working in conjunction with committee chairmen and the rest of the leadership, he is responsible for developing the issues and policies that form the Republican agenda. Delay also determines the legislative schedule in the 108th Congress by selecting which bills the House will consider and the timing of their consideration. DeLay also coordinates the work performed by House committees to ensure that national priorities are fully addressed.
The Washington Times. "Transcript of interview with Tom DeLay." 12/9/04 5/9/05 <>
National Editor Ken Hanner: Ten years ago, Republicans won control of the House by running on the Contract with America, which was a blueprint for limited government. Recently, Republicans have championed expansion of federal role in education, huge new entitlement programs, including prescription drugs, and overall increases of federal spending. When did the Republicans become the party of big government?

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