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fine arts midterm


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describe renissance period
sacred magrigals started coming in
what was different with orchestras?
they grew in size. composers were using them to create sounds and ideas.they were writing difficult music.
people were starting to bond and get ideas. there were trains and steamships
how were the titles different?
they were being named to what was going on not the plain sym #4
how was romantic different from classical?
there was a lot of emotionthere was program music and the art song
symphonic poem
new orchestral theme(just one song)
musical conservatories were now being built so what happened?
when these schools for music were built they learned how to write music so there were more professional composers now.
people from the reinassance period
leonardo Da Vinci- renaissance man; michelangelo- italian painter and william shakespeare- english poet greatest of all time.
describe medieval period
sacred; monophonic
the halleluja chorus wrote by
handel boroque
people from the boroque time period
william Penn- qauker founded pa. peter the great- ruled the russian emperor major power and gabriel fahrenheit- discovered fahrenheit scale.
what is starting to happen in the romantic period?
ppl were starting to take control of their daily lives. empires were starting to collapse and nationalism was huge. industrial revolution is going on. it was they first time that musical style and archetechure are following the same philopshy.
Reinassance time period
sounds jewish is written by
mendalsin romantic
bell canto
elaborate singin
an italian restaurant is written by
verdi romantic
pride of country, it was extremly strong during the 19th century. it started with the american revelution.
the haunted house organ was by
bach boroque
people from the romantic time period
abraham lincoln- 16th president, louis pasteur- famous for pastuerization, samuel clemens- known as mark twain, wrote tom soy huckleberry fin.
music that sounds like springtime, will hear birds light
vavaldi boroque
describe classical period
elegant formal restrained
marching band stars and stripes is writen by
sousa romantic
what about chorus concerts?
they were held at homes and usually with just one or two people
classical time period
what was the art song?
was called the lid. the romantic version of a magigal (poem set to music) they would take a poem that was popular and set it to music. subjects that it would be about- death love and heroism. the piano would always accompany.
bum bum bum buuum something bad is coming is written by
beethoven classical
what was piano music?
had more expressive because of the inspiration of beetoven. there were 88 keys and petals. popularity gained- everyone were taking lessons. they were essential element of edu in 1800s for middle class and nobles. the publishing industry increased and so did the income for composers.
the medieval time period people
muhammad- founder of islam religion; roger bacon- philosopher; and johann gutenberg- invented the movable typer
the midieval time
people from the classical time period
prancis marion-colonel in continental army "swamp fox"; robert burns- scottish poet and thomas paine- wrote "common sense"
sounds like disney world music is written by
wagner romantic
what was a major change in the romantic time period?
composers were enjoying freedom. They did not want to work under someone. they went back and forth emotionally. artists were not celebrities
the nutcraker is written by
tchaikovsky romantic
describe boroque period
extravagante vocal sacred secular instrument started coming in
Romantic time period
people began using local themes for artwork and music in st petersbug-5 composers stuck together and goal was to push russian music.
surpise you hide then surprise is writen by
hayden classical
a major german composer would wrote librettos and music alone her did it all. he called it musical drama and some of his poers were 5hrs. he had an anti sympettic inspiration for one of the most powerful men in the world.
what was different with the lengths of the music?
They were shorter like 5 minutes instead of 25 and there was alot of emotion it was based on fantasy a lot of the time
describe romantic period
passionate the art song was coming in
the opera in romantic time period
the size was huge. alot dealing wiht super beings (fantasy). until the 19th century operas were just a series of songs and when the song came on it would stop and only main person would move. but things changed. if you were in an opera you were a star. they had to be able to sing dance and act. audiences would go not only for music but for drama. italian opera was still supreme but people would write in there home language. each country had a unique style. bell canto was very imporant wanted to make the sets of an opera an art and wanted to create a mood and match the stories with the characters. this pushed us to broadway
what language also became very important in operas?
french and german. german opera was very popular and the composers of germany loved mystic, love, romantic plots.
4 big cities in romantic time
prague, amsterdam, london, new york
fast and sounds like a bee is written by
mozart classical
Boroque time period
what were the big subjects for music?
patriatism, naturem love beauty death drug indused states certain individuals supernatural (magic) traveling/ adventure
jaws is written by
devorak romantic

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