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In what movie did a young boy steal food from his sister to give a convict he met in a graveyard?
movie: Great Expectations

director: David Lean
A boy's father kidnaps him
movie: Second Best

director: Chris Menges
A man searches for his bicycle
movie: The Bicycle Thief

director: Vittorio De Sica
A woman works as a backup singer to an Elvis impersonator
movie: High Tide

director: Gillian Armstrong
A little girl dies after dancing in the rain
movie: Pather Panchali

director: Satyajit Ray
A young boy becomes an accessory to murder
movie: Los Olvidados

director: Luis Bunuel
A man hides a bomb in the bottom of a birdcage
movie: Sabotage

director: Alfred Hitchcock
Men get stuck in a mine
movie: Kameradschaft

director: G.W. Pabst
A man crashes his car after surviving a deadly car ride
movie: Wages of Fear

director: Henri-Georges Clouzot
Two heroin addicts are found dead in someone else's house
movie: High and Low

director: Akira Kurosawa
A married man falls in love with the ghost of a woman
movie: Ugetsu

director: Kenji Mizoguchi
A woman kills men in the height of erotic pleasure with a hairpin
movie: Matador

director: Pedro Almodovar
A man is placed on top of a land mine
movie: No Man's Land

director: Danis Tanovic
A husband and wife who used to be musicians in an orchestra are changed by war
movie: Shame

director: Ingmar Bergman
A girl becomes attached to her dead dog
movie: Forbidden Games

director: Rene Clement
A man lies to his mistress about getting a divorce from his wife
movie: The Quiet American

director: Philip Noyce
A man creates ice cream fritters to bring a family together
movie: Comfort and Joy

director: Bill Forsyth
A man dives into a lake and breaks his neck
movie: Japanese Story

director: Sue Brooks
A couple loses their youngest child
movie: In America

director: Jim Sheridan
A woman takes a trip to an imaginary beach, hiding her cancer
movie: Y tu Mama Tambien

director: Alfonso Cuaron
5 men sit around a bar perpetually stuck in childhood
movie: I Vitelloni

director: Frederico Fellini
A man dilutes penicillin and sells it on the black market
movie: The Third Man

director: Carol Reed
A man falls for his wife's sister
movie: The Makioka Sisters

drector: Kon Ichikawa
A young man kills his girlfriend's lover
movie: Yi Yi

director: Edward Yang
A girl who has lost her mother goes against society and has an affair with her father's friend
movie: Wish You Were Here

director: David Leland
little boys play in the ruins of houses
movie: Hope and Glory

director: John Boorman
A woman falls for her husband's son
movie: Day of Wrath

director: Carl Theodor Dreyer
2 boys pay for their brother's first time with a prostitute and interrupt him in the middle
movie: Murmur of the Heart

director: Louis Malle
a man distracts the guards by playing the flute while his companions escape
movie: The Grand Illusion

director: Jean Renoir
A man on the lamb is turned in by his American lover
movie: Breathless

director: Jean-Luc Godard
A concert pianist goes into hiding when his wife commits suicide
movie: Shoot the Piano Player

director: Francois Truffaut
a fascist tries to repress his materialistic tendancies
movie: The Conformist

director: Bernardo Bertolucci
a pregnant woman is killed along with many others when the Germans bomb a full Italian church
movie: Night of the Shooting Stars

director: Paolo and Vittorio Taviani
A boy spies on a woman undressing and trying on a girdle
movie: My Uncle Antoine

director: Claude Jutra

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