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poetry vocab h - m


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masculine rime
a rime in which the pepeated accented vowel sound is in the final syllable of the words involved
heard rhythm
the actual rhythm of a metrical poem as we hear it when it is read naturally
iambic meter
a meter in which the majority of feet are iambs
a situation involving some kind of incongruity or discrepancy
a fixed form consisting of five lines of anapestic meter, riming aabba
internal rhyme
a rhyme in which one or both of the rhyme words occur within the line
regularized rhythm; an arrangement of language in whcih the accents occur at apparently equal intervals in time
a metrical foot consisting of one unaccented syllable followed by one accented syllable
situational irony
a situation in which there is an incongruity between actual circumstances and those that would seem apporpriate
a figure of speech in which an implicit comparison is made between two things essentially unlike
dramatic irony
a device by which the author implies a different meaning from that intended by the speaker
a metrical line containing six feet
a metrical line containing seven feet
the representation through language of sense experience
a metrical line containing one foot
monosyllable foot
a foot consisting of a single accented syllable
verbal irony
a figure of speech in which what is meant is the opposite of what is said
a figure of speech in which exaggeration is used in the service of truth
italian sonnet
a sonnet consisting of an octave riming abbbaabbba
a figure of speech in which some significant aspect is used to represent the whole experience (The White House has decided...)

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