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Laguage: spanish


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s/he stinks.
con pasta dentifrica
with toothpaste
dos veces cada dia
two times a day.
huele a una flor
s/he smells like flowers.
las tijeras
the scissors.
le devuelve dl juguete
s/he gives the toy back to him or her.
no tiene exito con nadie
s.he doesn't have success w/anyone.
nunca deja de hablar
s/he never stops talking.
quiere pedirle una cita
s/he wants to ask for a date.
sabe como resolver el problema
s/he knows how to resolve the problem.
se afeita
s/he shaves him/herself.
se alegra
s/he gets happy.
se aleja de
s/he goes away.
Se bana dos veces cada dia.
s/he takes a bath twice a day
se besan
they kiss each other.
se casan
they get married.
se cepilla los dientes
s/he brushes their teeth.
se lava el pelo
s/he washes their hair.
se mira en el espejo
s/he looks at themself in the mirror.
se pinta son maquillaja italiano
she puts on italian makeup.
se pone perfume frances
she puts on french perfume.
se queja
s/he complains.
se quita la ropa
s/he gets undressed.
se riza pelo para tener exito
she curls her hair to have success.
sique los consejos
s/he follows advice.
s/he smiles.
suena son ser popular
s/he dreams of being popular.
todo lo que hace ella
everything that she does.
todos los dias
every day.
trata de hacer lo mismo
s/he trys to do the same.

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