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ABeka History 7 - Unit 2, Chap. 7 Checkup


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(p.91) What is Iataly shaped like? What two large islands lie near Italy?
a boot. Sicily and Sardinia
(p.91) What is Rome's place in Daniel's prophecy?
in the fourth kingdom of Daniel's prophecy.
(p.91) Early in Rome's history, what people occupied the Po River valley in the north?
the Gauls
(p.91) Who established colonies on the island of Sicily and the southern Italian mainland?
the Greeks
(p.91) What people built the first cities in Italy?
the Etruscans
(p.91) Which tribe established the city of Rome?
the Latins
(p.91) Wher did Rome get most of its gods?
from other cultures such as the Etruscans, Greeks, Persians, And Egyptians.
(p.91) What is a republic?
A form of government in which all citizens who are entitled to vote participate in decision through elected representatives.
(p.91) Wha are the particians? Who were the plebeians?
the wealthy aristocrats in Rome. the comman people of Rome.
(p.91) After the monarchy had come to an end, what body became the most important part of the Roman republic?
the Senate
(p.97) What did Rome form in the fourth century B.C. as a defensive alliance against the Etruscans?
the Latin League
(p.97) Who was Pyrrhus?
Greek king who won costly victories against the Romans
(p.97) What attitude did Rome hope its conquered lands would have toward the empire?
that the conquered lands would view Rome as a source of peace, order, and prosperity
(p.97) What city became Rome's chief rival? What three wars were fought against this rival?
Carthage. the Punic Wars
(p.97) What daing Carthaginian general led a large group of men, horses, and African elephants over the Alps to attack Rome?
(p.97) Explain the collapse of the republic. How did the government try to appease the people?
As Rome increased in wealth and power, it lost the character traits that made it prosper. The wealth that poured into the empire made people lazy and encouraged slavery, leaving many poor Romans unemployed. The government gave them free food and entertainment.
(p.97) Who led Rome to victory in the Middle East and captured Jerusalem in 63 B.C.?
(p.97) Who conquered Gaul for Rome?
Julius Ceasar
(p.97) What did Julius Cesar do when the Sentate ordered him to disband his army?
He disobeyed the order and marched his army across the Rubicon River
(p.97) What did Ceasar do to secure hi position and to improve Rome? What did he have visions of doing?
He pardoned many old enemies and won admiration as a man of generosity; he reduced debts, provided employment, and developed the Julian calendar. He hoped to rebuild the city with new public buildings, alter the course of the Tiber, and build new roads, build a sea canal, and add new land to their empire.
(p.97) When was Ceasar murdered? Why was he murdered?
March 15, 44 B.C. A group of senators hoped to restore the Senate power and reestablish the old republic.
(p.118) What Roman governor of Palestine authorized the crucifixtion of Jesus?
Pontius Pilate
(p.118) How long did Christ stay on earth after His resurection? How many people saw the resurected Christ?
40 days, over 500
(p.118) Who was the emperor at the time of Jesus' crusifixtion, resurectio, and ascension?
(p.118) What insane emperor was murdered by his own bodygaurds?
(p.118) What emperor accused Christians of burning Rome and persecuted them?
(p.118) Which two Flavian emperors did not persecute Christians? Which Flavian emperor demanded to be worshiped as a god?
Vespasian and Titus. Domitian
(p.118) Why could Rome not tolerate Christianity?
The Roman Empire generally tolerated differing religious vies, as long as the people also recognized the emperor as a god. But Christians acknowledged only one true God.
(p.126) How did the Germans influence the Romans? How did the Romans influence the Germans?
The Romans imitated German hair styles and clothing. The Germans organized larger tribes with kings who imitated Roman emperors. They also learned Roman military methods and how to read and write.
(p.126) Why did the Visigoths ask permission to settle within the Roman Empire?
they feared they would be overpowered by the Huns
(p.126) Where did the German army defeat the Roman army in 378? Who was the leader of the Germans? What city did he sack in 410?
Adrianople. Alaric. Rome
(p.126) What German tribes invaded Britian?
Vandals, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Franks, and Ostrogoths.
(p.126) Why did the Western Roman Empire fall?
German invasions, force, and violence were the immediate reasons, but by the time of its fall no one really felt that defending Roman culture was worth it-"they that take the sword shall perish with the sword" (Matt. 26:52)
(p.126) What most important historic event took place during the time of Rome?
Jesus' birth, death, and resurection.

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