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Week 3 Day 2


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Pain de Campagne
French country style bread.
Pain d’épice
A rich, spicy, beadlike French cake, similar to gingerbread.
A thin, crisp French cookie made with puff pastry dough rolled in granulated sugar; also known as an elephant ear.
Panna Cotta
An Italian dessert consisting of a simple molded custard made with gelatin usually served with fresh fruit or chocolate sauce.
A dessert composed of layers of ice cream, sauce and whipped cream served in a tall, narrow glass. A French frozen custard or water ice usually flavored with fruit.
A French pastry made with pate a choux shaped into a ring and sprinkled with sliced almonds; after baking it is split and filled with pastry cream or buttercream.
A past made of sugar, cornstarch and gelatin; it may be cut or molded into decorative shapes.
Pâte a choux
French for cream puff dough or choux pastry.
Pâte Brisée
Rich, flaky short dough used as a crust for sweet or savory dishes.
Pâte Feuilletée
A rolled-in dough used for pastries, cookies and savory products; it produces a rich and buttery but not sweet baked product with hundreds of light, flaky layers; also known as “Puff Pastry”.
A thin slice of meat, usually beef or veal, rolled around a filling of finely ground meat or vegetables and fried, baked or braised in wine or stock; also known as roulade.
A food served with or containing parsley. A mixture of breadcrumbs, parsley and garlic used to coat meats, usually lamb.
Petit Four
A French term for any bite-sized cake, pastry or cookie or confection served after a meal or with coffee or tea. A French confection consisting of a small piece or filled sponge cake coated with fondant icing and elaborately decorated.
Petit Four Glace
An iced or cream-filled petit four.
Petit Four Sec
A small, dry, crisp cookies often served with coffee or tea or as an accompaniment to ice cream or sorbet.
Kneading dough.
Pastry dough made with very thin sheets of a flour and water mixture; several sheets are often layered with melted butter and used in sweet or savory preparations.
A round, thin French pastry made of two circles of puff pastry dough enclosing a frangipane filling; a spiral or rosette pattern is etched on the top before baking.

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