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Week 1 Day 2


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Crème Anglaise
A rich, sweet French custard sauce made with eggs, sugar, vanilla and milk or cream; also know as vanilla custard sauce.
Crème Chantilly
Heavy cream whipped to soft peaks and flavored with sugar and vanilla; used to garnish pastries or desserts or folded into cooled custard of pastry cream for fillings.
Crème Brûlée
French for burned cream and used to describe a rich custard topped with a crust of caramelized sugar.
Crème Chiboust
A pastry cream lightened by folding in Italian meringue.
Crème Fraîche
A cultured cream product with a tart, tangy flavor similar to sour cream but thinner and richer; used in French cooking.
Crème Pâtissiere
French for pasty cream
A thin, delicate, unleavened griddle cake made with a very thin egg batter cooked in a very hot sauté pan; used in sweet and savory preparations.
Crêpe Suzette
A dessert consisting of sweet crepes sautéed in orange butter, then flamed with and orange liquor or brandy.
French for watercress
Crème Caramel
A French egg custard baked in a caramel-lined mold; the chilled custard is inverted and unmolded for service, creating its own caramel glaze and sauce; also known as flan in Spanish, crema caramella in Italian and crème renversee in French
French for shrimp.
French for rib and used to describe a cut from the ribs of a veal carcass; cotelettes premieres are the four cutlets from the more desirable end of the neck nearest the loin, and cotelettes secondes or decouvertes are the four cutlets from the area nearest the shoulder.
French for jam, jelly, marmalade or fruit preserves.
A rich stock or broth that has been clarified with a clearmeat. French for soup and used to describe a clear, thin, flavorful broth.
A sauce made from a puree of vegetables or fruitÂ’ it may be hot or cold. Traditionally, thickened meat juices used as a sauce.
A glass or metal bowl sitting on a short stem and used to serve ice cream, fruit salad or similar foods.
Court Bouillon
Water simmered with vegetables, seasonings and an acidic product such as vinegar or wine; used for simmering or poaching fish, shellfish or vegetables.
A high-quality chocolate with a minimum of 32% cocoa butter; very smooth and glossy, it is used for coating candies and truffles, molding and pasty making.
French for crab
French for cutlet

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