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Boa menu


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Local mcclendon radishes with banyuls vinegar, pumpkin oil, shallots, parsley, plugra butter, cives
Garlic infused ciabatta, balsamic marinated tomatoes, queen creek olive oil, herbs, capers
Daily pulled mozzarella
Roasted carmelized pepperonata, banyuls vinegar, basil, qc. olive oil, toast points
Seacat Arugula
Queen creek olive oil vinaigerette, Hawaiian sea salt, shallots, chervil, fresh squeezed Yuzu, Pecorino
Roasted Veal Marrow Bones
Hawaiian Sea salt, Mcclendons bitter greens, Tawny port syrup
Washington Mussels
Curried coconut milk, calabrian chili, mint, basil, grilled cumin flatbread
Fall Panzanella
MJ bread, balsamic marinated mushrooms, Baby lettuce, roasted butternut squash, goat cheese
Organic Field greens salad
Organic pears, Great hill bleu cheese, candied walnuts, Tawny port vinaigrette
Cured pork salami
Air dried salted beef
Autumn Maccaroncello
Similar to penne with butternut squash and wild honey sauce, Toasted pepitas, pumkin seed oil, and pecorino
Similar to tagliatella that is accompanied with maine diver scallops, saffron cream, and chervil with grilled yuzu
Herb gnocci
comes with milk braised dutch valley sweetbreads, carrots, apples, calvados (french apple brandy)
Fettuccini Alfredo
Roasted free range organic chicken, cauliflower, pecorino
Spezzatini of pork
Accompanied with cauliflower ravioli, organic carrots, roasted heirloom potatoes, fresh grated horseradish
Sweet pea ravioli
accompanied with Braised baby artichoke hearts, italian mint cream, crispy peas, mj bread crumbs
Farm strip steak
Forest mushrooms, house pancetta, arugula, marrow jus, cajun fries
Sonoma Lamb loin
Braised tepary beans, local carrots and bee pollen, mint bread crumbs, game jus
Maine diver scallops
heirloom potato puree, braised leeks, puffed capers, brown butter
Day boat fish
line caught crispy skin fillet, local farmers market veggies, beurre blanc (white butter vinegar reduction)
Gleason ranch pork porterhouse
pancetta braised potatoes and cabbage, whole grain mustard jus, farmers market salad
Sonoma duck breast
Potato gratin, butternut squash and sphinx date ranch ragout, sage jus

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