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Olive Garden


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Olive Garden
Workplace 2009
"On the fly"
Item is needed immediately, Please...
Sold out of the product and temporarily unavailable. Try to offer and alternative.
Clearing tables as guests finish their dinerware instead of waiting until their meal is complete.
First in, first out
Pace, Attentiveness, Caring, Excellence
Neat, Clean, and Orderly
"In the Weeds"
Too rushed to do a good job, need to ask for help.
"Anticipating guests needs"
Doing just that. Initial greet, any time constraints? Attent to gestures and finishing of dishes, silent refills, etc
"Hostess slash sheet and who's who"
Sheet used to track rotation of tables seated for each server, as well as servers scheduled, their start time, and work assignment.
"Alley Ralley" or "Family gathering"
Short meeting before each meal period with staff. Topics include food and wine, product knowledge, hospitality and sales skills.
Business decline (towards end of meal period).
Talked in and out of position.
The Genuine Italian Dining Experience
Fresh, simple, delicious, italian food complemented by a great glass of wine in a comfortable, home-like italian setting, welcomed by people who treat you like familiy.
Our Purpose:
How do we serve Hospitaliano?
It is our passion for 100% guest delight. We take pride in doing it right the first time, and we value everyone as family and friends.
As a server how do you deliver P.A.C.E to the guests and your team?
By personalizing the pace for our guest, anticipating their needs, showing warmth and generosity for guest and team member, and setting high goals to acheive excellence.
How do you build repor with the guest?
A fast attentive greeting, eye contact, smiles, and friendly greeting. As well as wonderful service.
When the guest orders and appetizer and a salad which do you order first?
Ask the guest whether they would like the salad brought out first or the appetizer.
What items should you suggest, inform, and endorse (S.I.E.) at lunch?
Suggest a wine, NAB such as an iced tea, an appetizer, and an entree.
What should you suggest, inform, and endorse (S.I.E) at dinner?
You should BRING the bottle of wine as you suggest wine, additional Alcoholic beverage such as the Italian Margherita, NAB, appetizer, entree, and when time, dessert.
If for lunch a guest orders just soup and salad, which order should you bring them out in?
Depending on the pace they have set, and what they desire, bring out first the salad, then the soup. (Hot food hot.)
Why is it important to determine the guests needs?
To make their visit with us one they enjoy. They may have plans in an hour or they may want to take the evening slow.
What should you first ask when greeting your table?
Are there any time constraints? "What brings you to dine with us this evening?"
What should you suggest with each meal?
A complimentary wine sample.
What is the principato Bianco?
The principato Bianco is a white wine, light in body, light and sweet. It is made by Cavit specifically for us in Torentino, Italy. Our guests love it!
What is S.I.E?
Suggest, Inform and Endorse. The OG way of suggesting an item to our guest, informing them about it, and endorsing it by telling them how wonderful it is.
Use S.I.E to recommend the Caprese Flatbread
I would like to suggest an appetizer for you today. The Caprese Flatbread is an amazing dish. It is a flatbread with garlic spread and garlic salt topped with our wonderful italian cheese blend: mozzerella, Romano, and Parmesan Cheese; topped with a toscana tomato blend. This is one of my ultimate favorites, some guests even order it as their entree they enjoy it so much.
Explain the Fizzano symbol on the menu.
The Fizzano symbol on the menu identifies menu items that were inspired by Olive Gardens Riserva di Fizzano, our restaurant and culinary school located in the Tuscany region of Italy.
Explain the Olive branch on the menu?
This is the Garden Fare symbol, identifying menu items that are flavorful, yet low in fat, low in carbs, and limited sugar.
List subsitution options for guest
Sub broccoli for potatoes on Spiedini, mixed Grill, Steak Toscano. SIDE SUBS: Tuscan potatoes w/peppers, mashed potatoes, spaghetti w/marinara, mushroom risotto, broccoli w/peppers, asparagus w/tomatoes, mixed grill veggies, french fries. -Sub chix for shrimp or vice v.
What do we always give free refills on?
Soup, salad, and breadsticks
What is the measurement of the soup?
8oz spoodle
What is the measurement of the dressing?
1 oz per guest
What do we get clean dishes for on refills?
For salads, soups, breadsticks, drinks, NEPB
What is the upcharge on substitutions?
No upcharge on substitutions.
What is the upcharge on alfredo dipping sauce?
What is the size and how many slices of pizza?
Our pizza has 6 slices and is 10" in diameter.
How much is a celebration cake?
What is the upcharge for additional items on a pizza?
There is no charge for additional items up to 4 items.
What should you suggest for appetizers during lunch?
Calamari, Bruschetta, Create a Sampler (w/o stuffed mushrooms, Mussels di Napoli, dipping sauces for breadsticks, Scillian Scampi, lasagna Fritta, because of the fast prep times.
When should you check for I.D when serving Alcoholic Beverage?
When the guest appears under 30.
What is "Hot good GO!"?
A system of teamwork to make sure we always deliver hot food to the guest.
What credit cards do we accept?
Discover, Visa, MC, Amex, diners Club, Carte Blanche
On what drinks do we offer free refills?
All fountain beverages, tea, and coffee. Not on milk or specialty beverages.
What kind of cheese is brough with every food delivery?
Peccorino Romano
What server bank should we bring each shift?
$15 in bills, and $5.00 in change.

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