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layers of pasta w meat sauce n m r r parm
ravioli di portobella
port filled rac in a sundried tom sauce
garlic herb ck con brocoli
rosemary seasoned ck breast sauted w brocolli in a garlic cream suace over orechiette
shp primavera
shp onion b pep mush in arrabiatta sauce over pene
ck marsala
sauted ck breast in a savory sauce of marcala wine, garlic, n mush served w tus pot n b pep
cap pomodoro
roma tom, basil, evoo, garlic w angel hair
seafood portofino
mus scallops shp n mush w linguini in a garlic butter sauce
herb grilled salmon
grilled season moist salmon, crushed w italian herbs served w broc n red pepper
venetian apricot ck
ck breast, broc, asperagus, & tom, in an apricot citrus
braised bf tortollini
tender sliced short ribbed meat, portobello mush, & tom, w aciago chs filled tortellini in a marcala sauce
seafood alfredo
sauted shp n scallops tossed w creamy fetuchini alfredo
ck n gnocchi veronese
grilled ck strips, italian pot dumplings in alfredo, w red peppers,
stuffed ck marsala
ck breast stuffed w/ italian chs's n sundried tom, topped w mush and marcala sauce served w garlic parm mashed pot
stk gorgonsola alfredo
alfredo sauce w spin n gorg chs w fettuchini, 4 grilled marinated tender bf medallions drizzeled w balsamic glaze and served on pasta
prk filletino
grilled prk tenderloin, marinated in evoo n rosemary w tus pot n b pep
mixed grill
2 skewers of grilled marinated ck n stk w a rosemary demi glaze served w veggies n pot

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