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early music history


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Concerted madgrigal
one or more voices and continuo
sacred concerto
a sacred vocal work with instruments
prima prattica or stile antico
pure counterpoint, fit for church
seconda prattica or stile moderno
expressive, fit for solo song and dramatic works
baroque or barroco
irregularly shaped pearl, extravagant or unnatural
doctrine of affections
based on interest in greek writings, each piece should project a single affection.
Underlying threads of changing to baroque asthetic
Doctrine of the affections, New textures, basso continuo accopaniment. Thinking chordally. Modes give way to tonality.
Notational developments
Barlines. Proportion signs replaced by time signatures
The Florentine Camerata
movement towards monodic style, one vocal line over basso continuo, caccini. 1570s
Le nuove musiche
Caccini's set of arias and solo magrigals, 1602
passages that lie somewhere between aria and recitative
stile concitato
excited style, characterized by rapid reiteration on a single note
Handel (bio, output, influences)
German, studied in italy, worked in england. Operas, Oratorio, Organ concerto. Kaiser, Corelli
Bach (bio, output, influences)
German, A musical offering, The art of fugue, Vivaldi, Telemann
Vivaldi (bio, output, "claim to fame", form)
master of italian baroque concerto, 480 concertos, F-S-F, ritornello form
what is a partita?
synonym for set of variations, and synonym for suite
what is a chorale cantata?
a vocal chamber work with continuo, has recitatives, and arias
what is an oratorio (passion)?
unstaged opera, usually on religious subject. Passion is a setting of one of the accounts of jesus's crucifixtion
opera seria
opera on serious subject, as opposed to comic opera. Plot second to fine singing, action told via secco recitative.

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