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Culinary Test 2.2


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Whole Egg Foam Cake 3 Eggs 75g Sugar 75g Cake Flour 15g Butter (optional), melted & cooled Melt butter Sift flour Mix Eggs and sugar Whip over bain-marie to 110 (doubles in volume and ruban form) Remove, Whip until triples in volume Fold sifted flour into eff foam in multiple additions Add some of mixture to butter and fold together, then fold buter mixture back into egg mixture. Bake at 350 in a buttered and floured pan 'til golden brown and a skewer comes out clean.
Cooked Sugar Syrups
Thread 230-234 Soft Ball 235-240 Firm Ball 240-248 Hard Ball 250-266 Soft Crack 270-290 Hard Crack 300-310
Buttercream Types
Buttercream Crème au Beurre: Whip soft ball sugar syrup into whipped egg yolks until smooth and cool add pieces of beurre en pommade Italian Meringue Buttercream: Italian Meringue mixed with lage quantities of beurre en pommade Crème Mousseline: Beat pastry cream into large quantities of Beurre en pommade
Biscuits à la Cuillère Make French Meringue Whip egg yolks with flavoring Fold into meringue Fold cake flour into mixture Pipe into strips Bake at 350
Adding a pinch of salt (to meringue normally) to tighten/bind
To prepare a ramekin with buerre en pommade & sugar (or crumbs, cheese, etc.)
Détrempe + Beurrage =
Pâton =
Beurrage + Détrempe
250g A.P 3g salt 50g Butter (en pommade or melted) 150ml Cold Water
A block of butter (as soft as the détrampe) 175g
Leftover pieces of Pâte Feuilletée
Pâte à Choux Ingredients
250ml water 110g butter 140g flour pinch/ salt pinch/ sugar 4-5 eggs egg wash
Pâte à Choux Procedure
⬢ Bring to boil water, sugar, salt, and butter ⬢Remove from heat. Add flour all at once and mix together ⬢Déssecher over medium heat (stirring constantly) ⬢Remove from heat. Add eggs one at a time -stirring well in between- until the dough held up on a spatula curls over to form a hook
Pipe Pâte a choux into appropriate shape on a parchment lined sheet pan (put a dollop of pâte under each corner of the parchment). Brush with egg wash Bake at 400 until brown fry out at 300.
Pâte à Crêpe
Flour salt Sugar Eggs Milk Beurre Noisette
Crêpes Suzette
Crêpes Compound Butter ⬢orange zest ⬢orange juice ⬢sugar ⬢orange liqueur Orange Suprêmes Brandy (to flambé) Grenadine Orange Juice Julienne of zest (blanched 3x)
Crêpes au Jambon et Champignons Filling
Butter Onion Mushrooms lemon juice beer Heavy Cream Cornstarch Ham Gruyère S&P Cayenne
3 Forms of Leavening in Pâte Feuilletée
Enclosed/Trapped Air (trapped air expands when heated) Steam Fat (melt leaving air pockets that fill with steam and raise)
Mixture of liquid and egg that when gently heated thickens or sets by coagulation of egg proteins
3 Custards
Starch Bound e.g. Pastry cream Stirred e.g. Crème Anglaise Baked e.g. Crème Renversée Caramel
2 Types of Bavarians
Fruit Based Crème Anglaise Based Gelatin is added to warm base Base is chilled until it begins to set whipped cream is folded in Bavarian is put in mold (lined with plastic) and chilled and unmolded
Crème Anglaise
500ml Milk 1/2 Vanilla Bean 100g Sugar 5 Yolks ⬢Bring to a boil milk & vanilla ⬢Blanchir yolks and sugar ⬢Temper egg with milk ⬢Add Egg to milk in pot ⬢Cook gently, stirring constantly until nappant ⬢Strain into bowl over ice bath ⬢Tamponner
Crème Pâtissière/Pastry Cream
500ml milk 1/2 vanilla bean 4 yolks 75g sugar 20g cornstarch 20g flour ⬢Bring to a boil milk and vanilla. Strain ⬢Blanchir yolks and sugar ⬢Sift in flour and cornstarch ⬢Temper Egg/Sugar/Cornstarch/Flour mixture with milk ⬢Return to pot and bring to boil while whisking constantly ⬢Boil 2 min ⬢Chill over ice bath ⬢Tamponner
Crème Renversée/Caramel
500ml Milk .5 Vanilla Bean 3 yolks 75g sugar •Bring to Boil Milk and Vanilla •Blanchir Eggs & •Temper Eggs with milk •Strain •Pour into Ramekins w/Caramel on bottom (in hotel pan with parchment on the bottom) •Put in 325˚ oven pouring boiling water into pan to reach halfway up sides of ramekins. •Bake 35-40 min
10 eggs 250g sugar 250g Flour Blanchir 1/2 sugar with yolks Make French Meringue with Whites and 1/2 sugar fold two mixtures together while sprinkling with sifted flour Spread in sheet pan & bake at 350Ëš til golden brown
Les Glaces aux Fruits
Fruit Flavored Ice Cream
Les Crèmes Glacées
Ice Cream made without eggs
Extra volume of ice cream produced by air being incorporated (up to 50%)
Italian style ice cream with less air and fat
Sugar, water & flavoring churned in an ice cream machine
Similar to sorbet, but contain milk, cream and/or egg
from Italian grana = grainy resemble sorbet with lower sugar content, & are frozen in shallow pans with infrequent stirring
Ice Cream Components
1.Liquid containing salt, sugar, and milk fat proteins keeps ice cream from freezing solid 2. ice crystals stabilize 3. clumps of milk fat gives body and texture 4. Air Cells keep Ice cream from being to dense
Vacherin Glacé
Baked meringue shell with ice cream and crème chantilly
French Meringue
Egg whites whipped with sugar (both cold)
Swiss Meringue
egg whites and sugar whipped together over a hot water bath to 130ËšF
Italian Meringue
Egg whites whipped to soft peaks, then whipped to stiff peaks while soft-ball (138Ëš) Sugar syrup is poured into them in a slow stream
Frozen dessert base mixture most commonly: yolks whisked while soft-ball sugar syrup is added slowly
Soufflé Glacé
either a bombe with Italian meringue folded in and optional whipped cream folded in or fruit puree with Italian Meringue and optionally whipped cream folded in
means foam Flavored base that is lightened with beaten egg whites and/or whipped cream, then chilled
Means Blown up Flavored base lightened with whipped egg whites (or meringue in the case of some sweet soufflés) and baked
Mousse au chocolate
Meringue + Melted Chocolate + Whipped Cream, Chilled
Soufflé Au Chocolate
beurre manie + milk, thickened + Chocolate + Yolks + Flavoring folded into whipped egg whites, Baked at 375

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