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dinamic earth


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irregular slabs that fit together
ocean floor spreading
when the harden lava is formed into new ocean floor
theory of continental drift
the theory that the continents were onces joined
when the crust pluges into the interior of the earth
gology that deals with the shape of the earths crust
divergan boundary (convergent boundary)
plates move apart at the midocean ridge
theory of tectonics
the theory of continental drift that links together the ideas of continental drift and ocean floor spreading and explains how the earth has changed over time
transform fault
the fault that runs throught the mid ocean ridge
the single giant landmass that existed more than 200 million years ago
converjent boundaries (Destructive boundaries)
when trenches come together
strike slip boundaries
boundaries that form laterals fault
presurved remains or trace of an ancient orginism
convection currents
the movement of materials caused diffrence in temp.
V-shaped valley that lies along the bottom of the ocean
mid ocean ridge
a chain of undersea mountains
the top most part of the earth

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