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Africa Term List


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grassy plain with irregular patterns of rainfall
their language was Edo; know for their skills in arts and how specific and detainled their work was; expanded through strategic military expanison, meaning the didn't take chances and didn't grow as large as Songhai, for example; stayed relatively small yet still popular and efficient
one of the great rulers in the Mali kingdom
a great learning center in the Mali kingdom created and established by Mansu Musa
people living here spoke the language called Geez; center of its kingdom; triangular trade with Mediterranean Europe and India; over time it became as isolated as Islam spread and ended up completely declining
Mansu Musa
became a devot Muslim; the hajj was his goal and he accomplished it between the years of 1324 and 1325; Timbuktu became the great learning center under his command
also referred to as Kush; kingdom in Northeastern Africa; trading became important when they began to have relationships with Egypt; attempted to overtake Eygpt when they were declining but failed and retreated back to their area; along the Nile which benefited in many ways; changed capitals from Napata to Meroe
Kingdom of Songhai
created by Muslim traders who moved and started it in east Africa; well organized; opened schools; built mosques; very large in total
Trans-Saharan Trade
the Saharan people had grasslands to flourish many of their goods for trading; began to produce a surplus of goods which lead to them trading it with surrounding countries; trade route
Bantu Migrations
moved into different regions of Africa, spreading their language and cultures; most Africa cultures are derived from these people
Swahili City-States
influenced by the Banut speaking people and the Arabs; mulit-cultural area because it incooperated many different ideas into one; slaves were one of their main exports
"stone houses"; great city in the South African region; built from local granite; political and religious captial; wealth and power based on gold trade; declined around the 1500s
center of north west Africa; south of the Sahara desest, so close to the equator; Hausa was the common language; schools were scattered throughout kingdom
Kingdom of Mali
strong agricultural and commercial base; Sundiata and Mansu Musa were the two great rulers in this empire; located south of Ghana and on the Niger River; center of sphere of influence so thrived in most aspects of living; comprised of three regions
very cultural and religious area in Africa; social classes included peasant farmers, warrior nobles, and kings
Kingdom of Ghana
Land of Gold; large population; influenced by the Muslims; peope mainly came to because Ghana had usually large amounts of valueable gold; Islamic traders brought religions in the Ghana empire; declined because of a draught and too much pressure from outside sources and gold was now discovered in other areas

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