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In Thioglycollate Broth, the _____ helps retard oxygen diffusion and helps maintain the stratification of organisms growing in different layers
Mycolic Acid in cell walls _____ the primary stain and ____ the decolorizing agent
absorb, resists
If organism grows away from the needle in a deep stab it is ____
Basic stains are usually charged ___ and are attracted to the ___ charge on most bacterial cells
+ -
Gram + will stain ___ and - will stain ___
purple, pink
The alcohol removes what from gram - cell walls?
Margin : undulate =
Most ______ positive organisms are only weakly gram +
Methylene blue, when greenish-blue, indicates a _____ environment
Product of fermentation
alcohol or acid
If an organism grows the entire distance of a deep stab agar, it is a ___ ____
facultative anaerobe
Acid-fast stains primary stain is _____, penetrating the waxy cell wall
What type of agar do you spot streak w/ several organisms before placing in the anaerobic jar?
The acid-fast stain is a _______ stain used to identify bacteria in the genus ______
differential, mycobacterium
When the margin looks like branched roots what term is used
A colonies texture may be ___, ___, or ___
moist, mucoid, dry
When reading motility tests, a _____ color means the org. IS motile
If an organism only grows toward the top of a deep stab agar it is a ____ ____
strict aerobe
the Anaerobic jar ____ growth of aerobic organisms & ____ growth of anaerobics
decreases, increases
The candle flame consumes most of the ___ and produces elevated levels of ____
O2 CO2
The presence of what in the cell walls of acid-fast org.s is the cytological basis for the acid-fast differential stain?
mycolic acid
______ are composed of mucoid polysaccharides or polypeptides
If bacteria are truly motile when doing a wet mount test, the movement will be
multi directional
If an organism in a deep stab agar grows the entire length but stops before the blue line at top it is a ____ ___ (or possible ___)
strict anaerobe (microaerophile)
When organisms float to the top of the broth they form a
Bacterial cells will be ___ and the capsule will be ___ after a Capsule stain
purple, clear
Medium used to show if organism is moving
what 3 tests are used to determine motility?
Wet Mount, Hanging Drop, & Semisolid Medium (stabbing w/ needle)
Capsules ____ most stains
an organism that can be found just about everywhere is called _______ __ ____
ubiquitous in nature
Agar deep stabs are prepared with ____ ____ ____
tryptic soy agar
What stain is used to determine morphology and cellular arrangement in bacteria that are too delicate to withstand heat-fixing?
What medium contains L-cystine, methylene blue, .05% agar (and)
thioglycollate (+ sodium thioglycollate & thioglycollic acid)
What stain produces minimal cell shrinkage (which is crucial)?
Endospores will stain ___ & Parent cells will stain ___ when stained
green, red
Gram __ cells can be stained with the counterstain b/c they are decolorized
Dense and opaque growth with a smooth edge (on slants) is called ___ growth
Agar Deep Stabs determine multiple organism's ________
3 different characteristics of bacteria
colonial, cellular, & biochemical
circular, irregular or punctiform describe the colonies
you collect ____ from the stock culture
Any area where a microbe resides and serves as an opportunistic pathogen
When a colonys margin has many thin branches it's called
another word for cloudy all over (in a broth)
uniform turbidity
which cells are much smaller bacterial or eukaryotic?
when transferring org.'s from plate ---> plate use
inoculating loop
to transfer org.'s from slant ---> plate use
inoculating loop
What is the most critical step in a gram stain?
free-living microorganisms don't reside on a ____ and are not _____
host, pathogenic
what enzyme breaks down starch?
A visible mass of cells :
When testing motility using a semisolid medium (nut. broth or nut. agar slant cultures), stab the motility media with a
inoculating needle
Methelyne blue, when colorless, indicates a _____ environment
Negative staining uses a dye solution in which the chromogen is ____ and carries a __ charge
acidic, -
Fungi are _______ _____, that is they secrete _______ into the environment and then absorb the digested nutrients
absorptive heterotrophs, exoenzymes
Acid-fast cells stain ___ and Non Acid-fast cells stain ____
fuchsia(pink/purple), blue
what materials are you to gather before beginning tests? ____ ____ ____& _____ ____ (+other things)
bacterial stock culture & growth media
The capsule stain is _____
Continuous vibrating motion caused by invisible molec.'s striking the bacteria is called ____ motion(not truly motile)
For transferring organisms from broth ---> broth use
inoculating loop
when transferring org.'s from slant ----> slant use
inoculating needle
Media used to cultivate and maintain stock cultures
agar slants
What enzyme turns gel to liquid?
stains are solutions consisting of a solvent (usually water or ethanol) and a colored molecule called the
Place all used stock culture tubes in the ___ ___ ____ on the biohazard table
white plastic baskets
_____ will grow in the thin layer below the richly-oxygenated layer
A microbial culture consisting of 2+ species is a ____ ___
mixed culture
Some organisms will sink to the bottom of a broth and form
resazurin acts as an indicator in fluid thiog. medium & is ___ when oxidized and ___ when reduced
pink, clear
What stain is great for determining an organisms cellular morphology?
A visible stab line and ___ color means the org. is NOT motile
What color is acid as a product of fermentation?
When a colonys elevation is raised only in the middle what term is used
flagella emerging from the entire cells surface
Means of performing lab work that greatly reduces the risk of contamination
Aseptic technique
What medium is designed to test the aerotolerance of bacteria?
In broth, when organisms grow in clumps they produce ______ growth
Various flagella stains use a ______ to insist in encrusting flagella w/ stain to a visible thickness
The purpose of using the streak plate for isolation is to produce __ ___
isolated colonies
In an Anaerobic jar, the indicator strip will turn from ___ to ___ when the O2 is converted to water (&condensation forms on the side)
blue white
a single flagella is said to be ____ and the cell has a _______ arrangement
polar, monotrichous
When describing a colony as smooth, lobate or irregular
Motility tests using a semisolid medium is useful in determining motility of ___ ____ ____
highly pathogenic bacteria
Malachite green is used in which staining procudure?
Spores are resistant to heat and chemicals b/c of a tough outer covering made of the Ptn ____
The portion of the chromogen that gives it its color is the
The name of a tiny, pinpoint shaped colony
Used petri plates go in the ___ ____
biohazard bag
6 cultural characteristics
texture, elevation, margin, pigment, shape, size
What procedure kills the bacteria, makes them adhere to the slide, and coagulates cytoplasmic Ptns to make them more visible?
What medium is ideal for growth of microaerophilic organisms?
Candle Jar
The candle jar is ideal for growth of ______
4 Eukaryotic organismal groups
fungi, animals, plants & protists
Tufts of flagella at both ends of the cell
The Endospore stain is ______
_______ can grow throughout the Thio. broth but will primarily grow in the middle between the O2rich & O2free zones
facultative anaerobes
Which stain provides a quick and simple way to determine cell shape, size, & arrangement?
Pathogens are generally associated with their ___
arrangement of flagella at both ends of the cell
Oxygen is driven out of Thio. Broth by

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