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What would be reported in a patient getting Meperidine?
Hand Tremors
What would be a sign that a neonate has made a transition from interuterine life?
Heart Murmur
What should be reported in a female taking birth control pills?
Blurred vision
Ibruprofen, Naproxen, Tolmetin, Indomethacin, and Acetaminophen are all single agent therpies used for mild pain releif. These are ___________ that can cause___________problems
NSAIDS that can cause GI problems.
During the excitement phase of sexual stimulation, men and women both have _________________ erection.
A patient tells the nurse her last menstral period started dec. 26th. During what days is she most likely to get pregnant?
Jan. 18-22
A painless chancre on the perineum is a sign of?
__________are put in newborn's eyes to prevent gonorrhea
Irregular periods is a side affect associated with what med?
Breast self exam should extend into the part of the breast in the?
Smoking cessation programs are a form of what type of prevention?
Primary prevention
Chemotherapy for a cancer patient is what type of prevention?
The __________health department administers medicade.
Amenorrhea is a ___________sign of pregancy
Quickening can occur at how many weeks gestation?
16-22 weeks gestation
A fetal heartbeat is a ___________ sign of pregancy.
Progesterone plays an important part in?
If a patient is pre-eclamptic, she should have her ________checked often.
Blood pressure
A neonate born through ceasarean section can normally have __________during respiration
Dutus arteriosis is how blood passes through
The fetal lungs
Before an amniocentesis, what factor should be determined?
RH factor
Post-partum, if the uterus is well contracted, the most likely cause of bleeding is?
Birth canal lacerations
Nodules in the breast in early pregnacy is caused by?
Ductal Proliferation
You should notify the doctor if the post-partum woman's uterus is not
What is used to prevent neonatal bleeding problems?
If the newborn has an increased bilirubin, it is also important to know
The gestational age.
Signs/sym of meniere's disease?
Progresive deafness
Ringing in the ears
Sensation of fullness or pressure in the ears
Central vision is most affected by
Macular degeneration
What is a cateract?
Opacity of the lens of the eye, it's capsule, or both.
What does miotic drops do to the pupil?
Miotic drops constricts the pupil
Sign/Sym. of Retinal Detachment?
Blurred vision
Flashes of light
Vitreous floaters
Loss of visual acurity
Tonometry is to test what?
Intraocular pressure
What can happen in crytoporchiditis?
After a coloporrhaphy, a patient should take
Pelvic Inflam. Disease increases the woman's risk of what type of pregnacy?
Patient should avoid __________after mastoid surgery
Heavy lifting
An error in refraction in which light rays are focused in front of the retina, enabling the person to see distintly for only a short distance

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