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Test 1 Mixed Bag of Stuff


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what is mottling?
the process of the skin beginning to die. goes from gray to blue and white.
there are rhythms in respiration. Even, irregular, cheyne stokes, kussmal. what is kussmal?
deep rapid (acidodsis) trying to blow of acid...deep and rapid called AIR HUNGER
breathing can be ...
what are some factors influencing breathing?
neurological injury
what is oxygen saturation?
tells % of saturation of hemoglobin of any gas
whats the diff b/t systolic and dyastolic pressures?
systolic is contraction of the heart
diastolic is relaxing if heart
what is blood pressure?
amount of pressure against the vessals walls
what are some factors affecting blood pressure?
gender run higher
what optimun blood pressures?
adults 120/80
elderly 140/90
what are some guidelines taking blood pressures
keep arm level w/ the heart
measure both arms and use the one w/ higher reading!
start w/ arrow on at zero
what are some reasons not to take a blood pressure on the arm?
dialysis shunt
side affected by CVA
any circulatory disturbance
if patient says no
what are some rules on the size of the cuff?
width: 40-50% of arm circum
bladder: 60-80% of arm circum
what will a too big b/p cuff produce?
too small a reading
and a too small will give a too large reading
false highs and false lows
what can you say about a thigh b/p?
can be 10-40 % pts higher
whats the correct way to establish the systolic baseline?
pump it until you hear it stop, go 30 more, then let it out until you hear it start to beat, that's your systolic baseline whatever. then do it again
what is the palpated systolic blood pressure?
this procedure they use to establish the baseline to get the blood pressure.
the palpated systolic b/p
where do you put your stethescope for the b/p?
on the brachial pulse
whats the diff b/t hear exhaustion and heat stroke?
heat exhaustion you sweat, skin is cool, low temp. faint and dizzy move to a cool place and replace fluids and ecetolytes
heat stroke, no sweat, extreme serious situation, 911 thing, cool off ASAP
ice packs to the groin, IV fluids, electrolytes. takes hours to recover
what are some things that controll pulse rate?
medulla of brain
sympathetic nervous system
(stimulates hormones)
describe some irregular heart beats
irregular regular
whats normal for respiriations?
12 to 20 per minute
one inhale/exhale is one breath
described as deep or swallow
how do you describe blood pressures?
regular rythms
quality boundifull, weak, thready,
feeding precaution. where should the chin be? out or in?
tuck chin in to swallow
don't push chin up and out

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