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Cardiovascular Procedures


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transesophageal echocardiography
clearer picture of the heart using scope through mouth with sedative (Visteril)
patient experiences chest pain, extreme dypsnea, ST depression, vertigo
Stress test is stopped when predetermined heart rate is reached or...
Teaching for post stress test
No hot showers for 1-2 hours due to hypotension
fast for 6-8 hours before test and NPO until gag reflex returns
nursing considerations for transesophageal echo
3 minute intervals
patient exercises for how long during stress test?
Heart consumes what percentage of oxygen from circulation
Adenosine, Thallium, Dobutimine
Drugs used for pharmacologic induced stress test
pregnant or use Glucophage (metformin)
contraindications of nuclear heart scan
45 minutes in supine position
position and duration for echocardiography
Pre-procedure for stress test
Light meal 2 hours before, No stimulants
ejection fraction less than _______% indicates inadequate perfusion
ejection fraction
percentage of blood ejected from LV during systole
12-24 hours
how long patient usually wears Holter monitor
pharmacologic agent used to induce stress on heart
esophageal perforation
patient had transesophageal echo and now complains of stiff neck, sore throat, dysphagia, pain worsening with movement or breathing
acoustic imaging visualizes cardiac structures and ejection fraction
What to tell doctor during stress test
I feel SOB, dizzy, have chest pain, hb is irregular
What patient keeps while wearing Holter monitor
lactic acidosis or kidney failure
nuclear heart scan + Glucophage may =
20G or larger IV
with nuclear scans patient should have IV access and the catheter should be
identify people at risk for ischemia during activity although resting ECG's are normal
purpose of stress test
strictures, esophageal varicies, liver problems, bleeding do or diverticulum
contraindications for transesophageal echo

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