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Engilsh CL last unit


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Freytag's Pyramid
A diagram of the structure of a 5 Act Tradgedy as developed by Gustof --- in 1863. The --- has been widely accepted a s a heuristc means of understanding the structures of drama and fiction.
Horace Mann
Father of American Public Schools. Massachusettes legislator and educational reformer in the 19th century who worked to increase the availability of free non-denominational public schools.
pop art
art that utilizes elemnets of popular culture such as magazines, movies, music, or even consumer goods such as bottles and cans-Andy Warhol most famoul artist. Best known for enlarged images of cambell soup cans, coke bottles, marilyn monroe and statement: "In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes."
Gordian Knot
A complex --- tied by greek king ---. According to legend, whoever loosed the --- would rule Asia. Also, according to legend, Alex the Great undid the --- by cutting through it with his sword.
the min. # of members of a committee or legislative body who must be present before bussiness officially/legally can be conducted.
A river in N. Italy that Ceasar crossed w/ his army in violation of the orders of Roman leaders who feared his pwr. Civil war followed from which Caesar emerged ruler of Rome. Crossing the --- has become an expression for taking a dangerous, decisive, and irreversible step.
to expergate a piece of writing by omitting material considered offensive. The term originated with Thomas --- an English physisan who in 1818 published an expergated edition of Shakespeare. His goal was to make Shakespeare appropriate for the whole faimily.
bread and circuses
a phrase used to describe the declining heatenism of the Romans after the Roman republic was replaced by teh Roman empire. THe govt kept ppl happy by distributing free food and staging huge spectales. The phrase often is used to descrive govt policies that seek short term solutions to public unrest.
ad hoc
a phrase describing something created esp. for a particular occasion from the Latin meanin "to this."
Kubla Khan
an avocative poem by Samuel Taylor Coolridge about an exotic emporer. IT begins with the famous lines: En xanado du--- ---...
Sword of Damocles
according to Greek legend the king grew tired of --- constant awe and flattery at the kings seemingly wonderful life. To teach him a lesson that kingship brought fears/worries, the the king seated --- beneath a sword suspended by a single human hair. By extension: Any impending danger that causes anxiety is a ---
Genghis Khan
Mongolean general and emperor of the 12th to 13th century. Known for his military leadership and great cruelty, he conquered N China and SW Asia
a principle character in a lit. work. Macbeth is --- of play with his name. (not nec. good)
involving or serving as an aid to learing, discovery, or problem solving by experimental and trial and error methods. Also problem solving techniques that utilize self-educating techniques to improve performance.
Four Horsemen
4 figures in Revelation who symoblize the evils that are to come at the end of the world. The figures represent conquest-white, war-red, famine-black, plague-white. ---- of appocolypse
Star Chamber
A royal court that began in England in the middle ages. Cases were heard there w/o juries under the early stewart kings of the 1600s. It was known for its tyranical judgements. THe name came from the rooms' ceiling which was painted with ---.
tending to be troubnlesome, unruly, querelsome, contrary, unpredictable
1. to whip or punish severly
1. a cause fo affliction or suffering
2. a source of severe punishment or critism
rule of conduct or action
beneficial, helpful, healful, and wholesome
funeraleal, typical of tomb, gloomy, dismal
tending ot cause sleep; relating to sleepiness or lethergy
something that induces sleep
dull, un-interesting, tiresome, lacking in shparpness, flavor, liveliness, or force
abnormal, irregular, departing from the usual
1. a damaging or derogatory statement
2. the act of slandering or defaming
1. to coax, persuade through flattery or ariface
2. to deceive with soothing thoughts or flase promises
to punish or criticise severly
very wicked, offensive, hateful
a leader who exploits popular predices and false claims and promises in order to gain power
1. weariness and dissatisfaciton from lack of occupation or interest
2. boredom
chain or shackle placed on the feet; anything that confines or restrains
1. to chain or to shackle
2. to render helpless
a position requiring little or no work; an easy job

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