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Classical and Romantic (ch4&5) Test


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chamber music
music using small group of musicians... one player per part.
string quartet
2 violins, viola, cello
evening entertainment, light in mood
4 mvts, tone color and dynamics of orchestra
extended composition, 3mvts (fast, slow, fast)
single mvt work with exposition, development, recapitulation
sung drama to orchestra
theme and variation
a, a', a", a'", etc.
minuet and trio
(a)(ba')(c)(dc') aba'
abacaba, abacada...
work for esterhazy
child prodigy to freelance musician
highest level of musical genius and was deaf!
Changes in the classical period...
piano developed.
orchestra size standardized.
four mvt works (fast slow dance fast).
middle class rise.
Vienna music center.
music with national identity
use of music to show foreign land
hold back/forward to intensify music
program music
instrumental music associated with a story, poem, idea, scene
chromatic harmony
uses chords containing tones not found in the prevaling scales
idee fixe
single melody in many mvts to show a reoccuring idea
strophic form
repeating same music for each stanza of the poem.
through-composed form
writing new music for each stanza.
modified strophic
aba-2 of 3 stanzas set to same music
song cycle
romantic art songs grouped in a set
mozart, symphony no. 40 in g minor.
sonata-allegro, 4 mvts, begins directly with the theme,
mozart, opening scene and catalogue aria from don giovanni.
starts quick and jumpy.
the commandant gets murdered.
leporello is basso buffo.
characters are realistic people.
don juan attempts to rape donna anna.
mozart, piano concerto no. 23 in a major. mvt1:allegro.
allegro, double exposition
solo piano and orchestration
similar to classical symphony except w/o minuet
intro of new themem in devel. section and notated cadenza
3mvts hightight clarinet, flute, bassoon.
very soft sounding
beethoven, string quartet in c minor
string quartet
sonata rondo form (abacaba)
beethoven, piano sonata in c-minor(pathetique)
3 contrasting mvts
slow intro=improv style
pauses and register shifts- drama and tragic mood
beethoven, symphony no. 5
1)sonata allegro
2)triple meter 3/8
3)aba (a-scherzo)
4)sonata allegro
contrabassoon used 1st time
haydn, symphony no 94 (suprise) mvt2 only
theme variations-duple meter
major minor switches
folklike stacatto theme
haydn,trumpet concerto in e minor
schubert, erlkonig.
art song
4 characters-father, son, narrator, erlkonig.
piano:integral part of scene
single singer, throughcomposed
goethe's poem
musical romanticism
boy's cries (dissonant harmony)
climax- in his arms the boy was dead
bouncy german singer
schumann, estrella and reconnaisance from carnaval.
german piano;character piece
21 pieces for piano in triple meter
soft aba' (minor)
reconaissance (major)
musical romanticism, autobiographical
inspired by engagement to teacher's student
chopin, etude in c minor
furious piece by of russias overtake of warsaw
etude in study piece
speed endurance in left hand
aa' coda form
dotted rhythm mounts tension
no literary programs/titles
folklike sound by of many keys and fast piano
lizt, transcendental etude no.10 in f minor
creates tone poem- one mvmt. orchestral composition based on literary ideas
aba' coda
daring leaps, rapid octaves, large dynamic range
hungarian rhapsodies
furious code
devil and death themes
mendelssonn, violin concerto in e minor.
music rooted in classicism
rapid mvmt, lightness. transparent orchestral texture
fusion of lyricism and virtuosity
3mvts wout pause
begins with soloist who presents main theme
berlioz, symphonie fantastique: march to scaffold/witches sabbath.
romantic symphony, not 4 mvts.
programmatic, 5 mvts, single melody appears in each mvt.
enlarged orchestral forces
quoted midevil chant melody to symbolize eternal damnation
begins with menacing low tones that begin a series of fragmentary ideas in contrasting tone colors-create sounds not pleasing to the ear.
begins with drum beats
long, irregular, assymetrical melody
2themes: somber and fierce-downward movement
brilliant and solemn: march
smetana, the moldau
symphonic poem, describes bohemia's main river flowing through countryside.
romantic represntation of nature and czech netionalism
fresh, optimistic mood
unhurried allegro, not agitated
springs, river, forest hunt
dvorak, symphony no 9 in e minor
bohemian fold song and dance
pentatonic scales: 5note
glorifies american and czech spirit
4 contrasting mvts
thems all tie together
1st mvt-adagio, slow intro alternating low and high inst
tchaikovsky, romeo and juliet
concert overture of shakespeare's play
highly contrasted themes:family hatred vs youthful love
slow intro and fat mvmt in sonata form
1st theme is anger-clashing swords of families- then comes soft music to show love
verdi, woman is fickle from rigoletto
strophic form, triple meter
hunchback court jester who loves his daughter
the duke seduces her
act III-carefree and tuneful, expresses duke's pleasure-loving personality.
puccini, la boheme.
melody has short, memorable phrases, very emothional, suggest mood.
minimized difference btwn aria and recitative
about rodolfo and mimi falling in love and being spereated(like RENT)
beginning-flute, rodolpho sings.
wagner, die walkure 1.
continuous musical flow-treats orchestra symphonically
die walkure: sociey destroys itself in lust for money/power
reng that bestows immense power on its wearer; made by a dwarf
continuous musical flow; depicts lovers surging passions through changes in tempo, dynamics, color...

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