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a plain that lies away from the coast is called an?
interior plain
wat is a scale?
A map's scale relates distance on a map to a distance on Earth's surface.
wat is a plateau??
a landformthat has high elevation and a more or less level surface
Wat is Topagraphy?
the shape of the land
wat is a contour interval?
the change in elevation from contour line to contour line.
wat is a map?
is a flat model of all or part of Earth's surface as seen from above
wat is map projection?
is a framework of lines that helps in transferring points on Earths three dimensional surface onto a falt map
wat is surveying?
mapmakers determine distances and elevations using instruments and the principles of geometry.
wat is a key?
a list of all the symbols used on the map with an explanation of their meaning
wat are pixels?
a satellite image that is made up of tiny dots.
Wat is a symbol?
mapmakers use shapes and pictures called symbols to stand for features on earths surface.
wat is the equator?
forms an imaginary line that circles Earth (East to west)
wat is another name for a key?
a legend
wat is elevation?
the height above sea level of a point on Earth's surface
wat is the hemisphere?
is one half ofthe sphere that makes up Earth's surface
Computers produce maps using data from many sources, including ___ and the____ ___ ___.
satellites, Global Postioning System
wat is a mountain?
is a landform with high elevation and high relief
wat is relief?
the difference in elevation between the highest and lowest parts of an area
wat is a contour line?
connects points of equal elevation
Wat is Index contours?
are labeled with the elevation in round units, such as 1,600 or 2,000 feet above sea level.
wat is a topographic map?
is a map showing the surface features of an area.
wat is a plain?
is a landform made up of nearly flat or gently rolling land with low relief
wat are tree main types of landforms?
plains, mountains, and plateaus
Wat is longitude?
the distance in degrees east to west of the prime meridian
wat is a mountain range?
is a group of mountains that are closely related in shape, structure, and age
Wat are satellite images?
pictures of the surface based on these data
Makes a half circle from the North Pole to the South Pole(North and south)
wat is a degree?
is 1/360 of the distance around the circle
Wat is latitude?
the equator is the starting line for measuring latitude, or distance in degrees north to south on the equator.
wat are three common map projections?
mercator projection, equal area projection, conic projection
wat is digitizing?
the process by which mapmakers convert the location of the map points and numbers.
Topographic maps have many use, name 5
science, engineering, business, goverment, and everyday life
Two lines that make up the grid, the___and____ ____, are the baselines for measuring distances on Earth's surface.
equator and prime meridian
wat is a globe?
is a sphere that represents Earth's entire surface
wat is a landform region
a large area of land where the topograohy is made up mainly of one type of landform
a plain that lies along a sea coast is called a??
coastal plain
wat 2 things are drawn to scale and use symbols to represent topography and other features on Earths surface.
maps and globes

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