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History Semester Review 07


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Warren Harding
Republican elected president in 1920
Causes of WWI
Imperialism, nationalism, alliances, and militarism
Secret bars where alcohol could be purchased illegally
First radio station in America
16th Amendment
Created income tax
18th Amendment
Prohibited the manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcohol
17th Amendment
Provided for direct election of senators
Albert B. Fall
Harding's Secertary of the Interior
Espionage Act
Established penalities and prison terms for anyone giving aid to the enemy
Jazz and Blues musicians of 20s
Louis Armstrong, DukeEllington, and Bessie Smith
Teapot Dome Scandal
Created when our government secretly allowed private interests to lease lands containing U.S. Navy oil reserves
Zimmerman telegram
A note asking Mexico to take up arms against the US to regain old Mexican territory
Popular sports figures of 20s
Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, and Bobby Jones
Selective Service Act
Created the draft in 1917
Mellon Program
Proposed by Treasury Secretary, it created the GAO, Bureau of the Budget, drastically cut taxes
Writers and Poets of 20s
Carl Sandburg, Ernest Hemingway, and Eugene O'Neill
21st Amendment
Ended Prohibition
Journalists who investigated social condidtions and political corruption
Calvin Coolidge
Republican elected president in 1924
When one nation controls another nation politically, socially, and economically
Young, dramatic, and stylish women of the 1920s
Harlem Renaissance
The artisitic development, racial pride, and sense of community that developed among African Americans in 1920s
Lusitania and Sussex
Ships sunk by Germany
Scopes Trial
A test trial case that was a clash between evolutionists and creationists in 1925
Why US go into WWI
Zimmermann telegram, U-Boat warfare, and Russian Revolution
Charles Lindbergh
Extraordinary transatlantic solo flight of formal airmail pilot in 1927
Charles Evans Hughes
Proposed a 10-year moratorium on the construction of major new warships at the Washington Conference
McNary-Haugen Bill
Intended to help farmers by purchasing surplus crops and boosting farm prices, it was vetoed twice
France, Britain, Russia
The Triple Entente during WWI
George Creel
Headed the Committee on Public Information, for promoting the war effort in WWI
Ohio Gang
Harding's "advisors" who played poker, drank, and smoked with him in the White House
Red Scare
Nationwide panic and fear that communists might seize power in the US
Henry Ford
Created the assembly line
Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Germany
The Triple Alliance during WWI
Treaty of Versailles
Germany stripped of its army and territories, forced to pay war reparations, and created the League of Nations
Dawes Plan
Proposed by a banker and diplomat, US banks loaned money to Germany to pay its debts to France and Britain
War Industries Board
Created in 1917 to coordinate all government purchases of military supplies
de Lome letter
The Spanish ambassador insults President McKinley
Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico
Territories the US gained as a result of the Spanish-American War
William Howard Taft
Republican elected president in 1908
Date WWI ended
November 11, 1918
Columbia Broadcasting System
1928 assembled a coast-to-coast network of stations, created by William Paley
Woodrow Wilson
Democrat elected president in 1912
League of Nations
The US never became a member of this international organization
Victory Gardens
Hoover asked citizens to plant their own vegetable patches to help conserve food
Federal Reserve Act
Created the three-tiered system of banking in US
National Broadcasting Company
1926 established a permanent network of stations to distribute daily programs
Underwood Tariff
Drastically reduced taxes on imports in 1913
Yellow Journalism
Sensationalist reporting where stories were often exaggerated or made up
19th Amendment
Gave women the right to vote

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