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CHAPTER 7 Diagnostic Procedures Relating to the Respiratory System


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tuberculin skin tests
applying a chemical agent under the surface of the skin to determine if the patient has been wxposed to tuberculosis
sweat test
a test for cystic fibrosis.
sputum culture and sensitivity (C&S)
Testing sputum by placing in on a culture medium and observing any bacterial growth. The specimen is then tested to determing antobiotic effectiveness.
arterial blood gases
Testing for gases present in the blood. Generally used to assist in determining the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood.
x-ray of the lung after a radiopaque substance has been inserted into the trachea or bronchial tube.
pulmonary angiography
Injecting dye into a blood vessel for the purpose of taking and x-ray of the arteries and veins of the lungs.
Examination of the interior of the larynx with a lighted instrument.
Using a bronchoscope to view inside the bronchi
Using a device to measure the breathing capacity of the lungs.
a nuclear medicine diagnostic test that is especially useful in identifying pulmonary emboli. Radioactive air is inhaled for the ventilation portion to determine if air is filling the entire lung. Radioactive IV injection shows whether or not blood is flowing to all parts of the lung.
Instrument consisting of a container into which a patient can inhale or exhale for the purpose of measuring the air capacity of the lungs.
chest x-ray
Taking a radiographic picture of the lungs and heart form the back and sides.

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