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worldgeo chapter 9 unit 3


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What Greater Antilles Island is divided between Haiti and the Dominican Republic?
terraced farming
What is cutting into the sides of hills and slopes to grow crops in mountainous areas is known as what kind of farming?
Rio Grande River
What river forms part of the border between Mexico and the United States?
The Andes
What is the name of the south american range that is part of the rockies?
Mexico City, Mexico
What is the most populous city in latin america?
What is the second longest river in the world?
What is the largest river for water volume?
Angel Fallls
What is the tallest waterfall in the world?
What southeastern region of South America borders the Atlantic Ocean includes parts of Argentina and Chile?
What are the grassy plains of Columbia and Venezuela?
Brazil's plains are called?
What are the grasslands of Argentina and Uruguay called?
leeward and windward
What are the names of the two groups that the lesser antilles are divided into?
What country's government is encouraging settlers to move into the country's interior and develop the land for farming?
the Brazil nut tree
What rain forest tree can grow up to 150 feet high?
Mexico City, Mexico
The ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan is the size of what city today?
What Jamaican music- a mix of African, Caribbean, and American influences- deas with social problems and religion?
The Treaty of Tordesillas gave control of the Brazilian territory to what country?
What present-day country's territory was once home to the Toltecs, the Maya, and the Aztecs?
What spanish conquistador did the Aztec emperor Montezuma think might be the god Quetzalcoatl?
What is the largest and most populous island in the Caribbean?
A mexican factory
What is the Maquiladoras?
What festival are you attending?
What country is considered South America's greatest economic success story?
the Inca empire
What ancient empire had its capital at Cuzco, Peru?
What is the term for Mexico's large populatipon group of mixed spanish native american heritage?
the Inca
Quechaua is the traditional language of what native peoples?
Simon Bolivar
What South American soldier led independence movements ins Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia in the 1820s?
What south american has the largest japanes population outside japan?
Common market of south america?

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