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World Geo. Chap. 9#


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What greater Antilles Island is divided between Haiti and the Dominican Republic?
Terraced farming
The practice of cutting step-like fields into the sides of hills and slopes in order to grow crops in mountainous areas is known as what kind of farming?
Rio Grande River
What river forms part of the border between Mexico and the United States?
The Andes
What is the name of the South American mountain chain range?
Mexico City, Mexico
What is the most populous city in Latin America?
The Amazon River carries and discharges more water than any river in the world. Where does it rank in the world in terms of it's length?
Angel Falls
You're standing in Venezuela at the top of the tallest waterfall in the world. What is the name of the waterfall?
What is the name of these cowboys of Argentina and Uruguay who often use a bolo to capture animals?
What Southeastern region of South America borders the Atlantic Ocean and includes parts of Argentina and Chile?
The grassy plains of Columbia and Venezuela are called Ilanos. In Brazil, the plains are called Cerrado. What are the grasslands of Argentina and Uruguay called?
The Leeward Islands
The Lesser Antilles islands of the Caribbean are divided into tow groups. One is the Windward Islands. What is the other group called?
What country's government is encouraging settlers to move into the country's interior and develop the land for farming?
Parana River
You're on a boat, floating down a South American river from the highlands of southern Brazil, through Paraguay and Argentina toward the Rio de la Plata estuary. What river are you traveling?
Brazil nut tree
What rain forest tree can grow up to 150 feet high?
Sugarloaf Mountain
What is the name of the Rio de Janeiro mountain, famous for the statue of Christ atop it?

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