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Executive Brach


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Transportation (cabinet member;) Example:
Highway and Railroad administrations
Order of Succession #5
Secretary of State
Total Terms
2 by Amendment 22
Health & Human Services (cabinet member;) Example:
Food & Drug Administration
President Term
4 years
Order of Succession #1
Veterans Affairs (cabinet member;) Example:
Veterans Health Administration
Order of Succession #4
President Pro-Tempore
Commerce (cabinet member;) Example:
Naional Oceanic and Atmosperic
Justice (cabinet member;) Example:
Housing and Urban Development (cabinet member;) Example:
Government National Mortgage Association
President Qualifications
35 years old, natural born citizen, resident of the USA for 14 years.
Energy (cabinet member;) Example:
Office of Nuclear Energy
The President's Cabinet (def.)
To advise the president.
Defense (cabinet member;) Example:
Army, Navy, Air Force
Duties/Powers (President)
1. Sign/veto bills 2. Negotiate treaties 3. Appoint members of cabinet, judges of federal courts 4. Grant pardons 5. Call Congress into speacial session 6. Report to Congress the state of the union 7. Commander in cheif of the armed forces.
Education (cabinet member;) Example:
All areas Public Eduction
Order of Succession #2
Vice President
Order of Succession #6
Various Cabinet Member
Agriculture (cabinet member;) Example:
Forest Service
Interior (cabinet member;) Example:
National Parks
Treasury (cabinet member;) Example:
US secret service
Labor (cabinet member;) Example:
Occupational Health and Saftey Adminstration
Order of Succession #3
Speaker of the House
Duties/Powers (Vice President)
1. Act as presiding officer of Senate 2.Cast a vote if there is a tie in the Senate 3. Take over president if they cannot fulfil their duties.
State (cabinet member;) Example:
Forgein Service and all Ambassadors

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