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Information analysis & Presentation


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Name 4 methods to determine Total Required Area
Net area, Net assignable area, Useable area, Rentable
Name four types of Workflow
linear, central, departmental, network
Professional consultants to an Interior design project
Architect, Structural engineer, Mechanical engineer, Electrical engineer
What is in a well organized program
Title page, introduction, executive summary, space needs, adjacency needs, code requirements, anaylsis of existing space, budget and schedule, programming concepts, appendixes
Mechanical engineer consultation/services
HVAC heating ventilation, air conditioning, provides design of pluming systems, fire protection systems which include sprinklers
What makes a well communicated program
A well organized written program and presentation techniques
Define Net area (Net assignable area)
actual area required to accomodate specific functions
Three ways to determine space needs
number of people, object or piece of equipment, specific activity
Structural engineer consultation/services
building frame, Floor and load bearing walls, floor and wall penetration
What is NOT included in the Net area
primary and secondary circulation spaces, closets, electrical and telephone rooms, exterior walls, or building core
Trade Association
they are the best sources of information for design professionals authoritative information without being biased toward any one manufacturer
Building Review
should be reviewed by the Interior designer to determine if it is adequate for the client's purpose
Architect consultation/ services
Designs the exterior wall or building shell, life safety systems, fire rated vertical shaft, elevators
What is included in the Net area
interior wall & building columns
What three (3) sub categories under Info analysis and presentation must you know
Research design requirements, Information Anaylsis, Communicating the Program
Net area is the same as
Net assignable area
Authoritative sources for interior construction building
manufacturer's product catalog, website, representative, trade associations and Sweets Catalog
Code Review
important for preliminary design, should be available before space planning
Research design Requirements, what are they
building codes and regulations, construction materials, building system, building types
Electrical engineer
provides design services with drawings and specification of power systems (outlets and equipment) lighting systems, telephone, signal and security systems
What two primary factors that determine size and configuration
Required area and Adjacencies
What is an Efficiency factor
mathematical ratio between one area and another area

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