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어 정크트 2, something added to or connected with something else; an assistant:Cooking is just an ~ to Michael's real hobby, which is eating.:The enthusiastic publisher released a set of audiotapes as an ~ to its popular series of books.:An ~ professor is one who lacks a permanent position on the faculty.
애 밴트 1, 강림절 ((크리스마스 전 약 4주일간):The word in that sense refers to the impending arrival of Jesus Christ. For some Christians, the word refers primarily to the second coming of Christ. In secular speech, ~ can be used to refer to the arrival or beginning of something:The ~ of autumn was signaled by the roar of gasoline-powered leaf-blowing machines.:The rich industrialist responded to the ~ of his estate's first income tax levy by hiring a new team of accountants.
애드 밴 티쉬 어쓰 3, accidental; connected to but nonetheless unrelated; irrelevant:Arthur's skill as a businessman are ~ to his position at the company; the boss hired him because he wanted a regular golf partner.
애 퍼 대이 빝 3, 진술서:Sally was too ill to appear at the trial, so the judge accepted her ~ in place of oral testimony.
어 필 리 에잍 2, to become closely associated with:The testing company is not ~ed with the prestigious university, but by using a similar return address it implies a close connection.:In an attempt to establish herself as an independent voice, the candidate chose not to ~ herself with any political party.:If you are ~ed with something, you are an ~(어 필 리 엍 2) and you have an affiliation.:The local television station is an ~ of the major network; it carries the network's programs in addition to its own.:Jerry had a lifelong affiliation with the YMCA; he was a member all his life.
어 플릭 션 2, a source of misery, illness, or great suffering:Athlete's foot is an ~ that brings great pain and itchiness ot its sufferers.:Martha's eczema was an ~ to her; it afflicted her and never gave her a moment's peace from the itching.:Working in the ghetto brought the young doctor into contact with many ~s, very few of which had medical cures.
어 폴드 2, 주다:The holiday season ~ed much happiness to the children, who loved opening presents.:supply:The poorly organized rummage sale ~ed a great deal of attention but very little profit to the charitable organization.
애 프터 매뜨 1, 여파:Sickness and poverty are often the ~ of war.후유증:In the ~ of their defeat at the state championship, the members of the football team fought endlessly with one another and ceased to function as a team.
어 그뤤 다이즈 2, 과장하다:Michael couldn't describe the achievements of her company without ~ing them. That was too bad, because the company's achievements were substantial enough to stand on their own, without exaggeration. n.self-aggrandizement:자기확대:Harry doesn't really need thirty bathrooms; building that big house was merely an act of self-aggrandizement.
어 그뤼브 2, 감정을상하게하다:The ugly behavior of the juvenile delinquent ~ed his poor parents, who couldn't imagine what they had done wrong.
알 꺼 미 1, 연금술; 마법:a seemingly magical process of transformation:Through the ~ of hairspray and makeup, Amelia transformed herself from a hag into a princess.
애일 리 어 네잍 1, to estrange; to cause to feel unwelcome or unloved; to make hostile:An alien is a foreigner or stranger, whether from another planet or not.To ~ someone is to make that person feel like an alien.:The brusque teacher ~ed his students by mocking them when they made mistakes.n.alienation:Sharon found it nearly impossible to make friends; as a result, her freshman year in college was characterized primarily by feelings of ~.
얼 리 전쓰 2, 충성:To pledge ~ to the flag is to promise to be loyal to it.:Nolan's ~ to his employer ended when a competing company offered him a job at twice his salary.
앨 러 거 뤼 1, 우화:a story in which the characters are symbols with moral or spiritual meanings.:Instead of lecturing the children directly about the importance of straightening up their rooms, Mrs. Smith told them an ~ in which a little boy named Good was given all the candy in the world after making his bed, while a messy little girl named Bad had nothing to eat but turnips and broccoli.
어 라핱 2, allocate:The principal ~ed students to classrooms by writing their names on pieces of paper and throwing the paper into the air.n.allotment 배치:George didn't like his natural ~ of physical features, so he had them altered by a plastic surgeon.
알 털 케이 션 3, 격론:Dr.Mason's lecture was so controversial and inflammatory that it led to an ~ among the members of the audience.
어 내 떠 마 2, 아주싫은것:Algebra is ~ to Harry; every time he sees an equation, he becomes sick to his stomach.
앤 썰 레 뤼 1 보조적인:An ~ employee is one who helps another. Servants are sometimes referred to as ~ies.
엉크스트 This is the German word for anxiety. A closely related word is anguish. In English, it is a voguish word that is usually meant to convey a deeper, more down-to-the-bone type of dread than can be described with mere English words.:The thought of his impending examinations, for which he had not yet begun to study, filled Herman with ~, making it impossible for him to study.
어 냌쓰 2, 합병하다:When Iraq attaced Kuwait, its intention was to ~ Kuwait territory.n.annex 애 넥쓰 1, 별관
어 누 어 티 2, 연금:The employee's pension fund provides an ~ for its retired employees; each receives regular payments from the fund.:the annual interest payment on an investment:None of Herbert's books had been bestsellers, but all of them were still in print, and taken together their royalties amounted to a substantial ~.:any regular allowance or income:The widow would have been destitute if her husband had not bought an insurance that provided a modest ~ for the rest of her life.
앤 티 데잍 1, ..보다선행하다:The Jacksons' house ~s the Declaration of Independence; it was built in 1774.
앤 티 뤼 얼 2, 앞쪽의:The children enjoy sitting dumbly and staring at the ~ surface of the television set.
앤 딸 러 쥐 2, a collection, esp. of literary works:To anthologize(앤 딸 러 좌이즈 2) a group of literary works or other objects is to collect them into an ~.:The Norton ~ of English literature is a collection of important works by English writers.
앤 뜨러 퍼 뫌 픽 4. 의인화하는:To speak of the hands of a clock, or to say that a car has a mind of its own, is to be ~.
앤 티 퍼 덜 2, 지구정반대쪽의:The north and south poles are literally ~.:~ can also be used to describe opposite that have nothing to do with geography.정반대의:John and Mary held ~ positions on the subject of working. Mary was for it, and John was against it.n.antipodes(앤 티 퍼 디즈 2)
앤 티 쿠워 티 2, 낡음:The slow speed at which Lawrence was driving was not surprising, considering the ~ of his car.:
태고:Lulu loved ancient history so much that she didn't really pay much attention to the present; when she wasn't reading old volumes in the library, she walked around in a daze, her head spinning with dreams of ~.n.antique 고미술품:Overpriced chairs and other furniture from the olden days are called ~s.v.antiquate 앤 터 크웨이트 1 낡게 하다:Objects or ideas that are too old-fashioned to be of use anymore are said to be ~ed.골동품애호가:antiquary(앤 터 크웨 뤼 1)
애 펄 춸 1, 조리개:A photographer controls the amount of light that strikes the film by adjusting the size of the ~.:구멍:Harry's underpants were plainly visible through the ~ that suddenly appeared along the rear seam of his uniform.
에이 펙쓰 1, highest point:A mountain's summit is also its ~.:Jerry's score of 162, though poor by most standards, was the ~ of his achievement in golf; it was the best score he had shot for eighteen holes in thirty years.
애 퍼 쥐 1, the most distant point in the orbit of the moon or of an artificial satellite:The ~ of the moon's orbit is the point at which the moon is farthest from the earth.:최고점:Mary Anne was at the ~ of her career; she was the president of her own company, and everyone in her industry looked up to her.opp.perigee(페 뤄 쥐 1):At perigee, the satellite was faintly visible on the earth to anyone with a good pair of binoculars.
애 퍼 플렉 씨 1, stroke(that is, numbness and paralysis resulting from the sudden loss of blood flow to the brain):This word turns up repeatedly in old novels. Nowadays, its use is mostly figurative.If I say that I gave my boss ~ when I told him that I was going to take the rest of the day off, I mean that he became so angry that he seemed to be in danger of exploding. To suffer from ~, whether literally or figuratively, is to be apopletic(애 퍼 플렠 틱 3):The principal was ~ when he discovered that the tenth graders had torn up all the answer sheets for the previous day's SAT; he was so angry that his face turned red and little flecks of spit flew out of his mouth when he talked.
어 파쓰 터 씨 2, 변절:The congregation was appalled by the ~ of its former priest, who had left the church in order to found a new religion based on winning number combinations in the state lottery.n.apostate(어 퐈 스테잍)a person who commits apostasy
어 퐐 링 2, 질겁하게하다:Austin's table manner were ~; he chewed with his mouth wide open, and while he ate he picked his teeth with the tip of his knife.:The word appall comes from a French word meaning to make pale.:To be appalled is to be so horrified that one loses the color in one's cheeks.
애 퍼 뤼 션 3, 환영:The bubbling oasis on the horizon was merely an ~; there was nothing there but more burning sand.
애 펄 레이 션 3, 명칭:Percival had a highly singular ~; that is, he had an unusual name.
어 펜 디쥐 2, 부속물:something added on to something; a supplement:Beth's husband never seemed to be more than an arm's length away from her. He seemed less like a spouse than like an ~.
어 퐐 션 2, 할당하다:There was nothing to eat except one hot dog, so Mr.Lucas carefully ~ed it among the eight famished campers.
애 뻐 젙 1, 적절한:At the end of the discussion, the moderator made an ~ remark that seemed to bring the entire disagreement to a happy conclusion.
어 프롸이즈 2, 통고하다:The president's advisers had fully ~ed him of the worsening situation in the Middle East, and now he was ready to act.
어 펄트 넌쓰 2, something extra:The salary wasn't much, but the ~ were terrific; as superintendent of the luxury apartment building, Joe got to live in a beautiful apartment and have a free access to the tennis courts and swimming pool.
애 퍼뤄 포우 3, 적절한:This word is very close in meaning to appropriate, to which it is closely related:Susan's loving toast at the wedding dinner was ~; the clown suit she wore while making it was not.
앺트 적절한:The headmaster's harsh remarks about the importance of honesty were ~; the entire senior class had just been caught cheating on an exam.:..하는경향이있는:Charlie is so skinny that he is ~ to begin shivering the moment he steps out of the swimming pool.:..할것같은:If Ellen insults me again, I'm ~ to leave the room.
알 케읻 2, a passageway defined by a series of arches; a covered passageway with shops on either side; an area filled with coin-operated games:In the most precise usage, an ~ is an area flanked by arches in the same way that a colonnade is an area flanked by columns. In fact, an ~ can be a colonnade, if the arches are supported by columns.:The new mall consisted of a number of small ~s radiating like the spokes of a wheel from a large pizza containing a fountain.:The penny arcade was misnamed, since none of the games there cost less than a quarter.
알 커 펠 러 고우 3, 군도(群島);Sumatra, Borneo, and the Philippines are among the numerous island nations that constitute the Malay ~.:The children lay on their backs in the field and gazed up with wonder at the shimmering ~ of the Milky Way.
알 카이브즈 2, 기록보관소:The historical society's ~ were a mess; boxes of valuable documents had simply been dumped on the floor, and none of the sociey's records were in chronological order.:(보관중인)문서:The curator was so protective of the university's historical ~ that he hovered behind the researcher and moaned every time he turned a page in one of the ancient volumes.
알 카이브 1, v. to ~ computer data is to transfer them(in careful usage, data is plural) onto disks or tapes and store them in a safe spot.
알 꺼 비스트 1, a person who archives things in archives
알 카이 벌 2, having to do with archives:not deteriorating over time:A xerox copy is ~; a copy made on heat-sensitive paper by a facsimile machine is not.
알 머 먼트 1, implements of war:In the sorry history of the relationship between the two nations, argument led inexorably to ~.무장:Sarah had dreams of being a distinguished professor of mathematics, but midway through graduate school she decided that she just didn't have the intellectual ~, and she became a waitress instead.
군비 ((군인무기소요 물자군수 산업 등을 포함)):The megalomanical leader spent so much on ~s that there was little left to spend on food, and his superbly equipped soldiers had to beg in order to eat.
알 머쓰 티쓰 1, 휴전:~ Day(The original name of veteran Day)commemorated the end of the First World War.
어 뤠인 2, <피고를> 법정에 소환하여 죄상의 시인 여부를 묻다:The suspect was indicted on Monday, ~ed on Tuesday, tried on Wednesday, and hanged on Thursday.
애 뤈트 1, utter; unmitigated; very bad:This word is very often followed by either nonsense or fool.~ nonsense if complete, total, no-doubt-about-it nonsense. An ~ fool is an absolute fool.:~ should not be confused with errant(이 뤈트 1), which means wandering or straying or in error. An errant fool is a fool which doesn't know where he's going.
어 뤼얼즈 2, (일지불금의) 지체, 밀림:Amanda was several months in ~ with the rent on her apartment, and her landlord was threatening to evict her.
아할즈 널 1, a collection of armaments; The nation's nuclear ~ is large enough to destroy the world several times over.:병기고:For obvious reasons, smoking was not permitted inside the ~.재고:Jeremy had an ~ of power tools that he used in staging remodeling assaults against his house.
아할 터 전 1, 장인:The little bowl--which the Anderson's dog knocked off the table and broke into a million pieces--had been meticulously handmade by a charming old ~ who had used a glazing technique passed down for generations.
에 썰 테인 3, 확인하다:With a quick flick of his tongue, Herbert ~ed that the pie that had just landed on his face was indeed lemon meringue.
어 스크롸입 2, <예술 작품공적발명 등을> (사람사건시대)의 것으로 하다 When the scholar ~ed the unsigned powerful healing properties to Shakespear his colleagues didn't believe him.리머릭 ((예전에 아일랜드에서 유행된 5행 희시(戱詩)))
어 스캔쓰 2, with suspicion or disapproval:When Herman said that he had repaired the car by pouring apple cider into its gas tank, Jerry looked at him ~.:The substitute teacher looked ~ at her students when they insisted that it was the school's policy to award an A to any student who asked for one.
어 스펄 젼 2, a slenderous or damning remark:To cast ~ is to utter highly critical or derogatory remarks. To call someone a cold-blooded murderer is to cast an ~ on that person's character:The local candidate had no legitimate criticisms to make of his opponent's record, so he resorted to ~s. His opponent resented his asperity(에스 페 뤄 티 2)
어 쌔일 2, 맹렬히공격하다:With a series of bitter editorials, the newspaper ~ed the group's efforts to provide free cosmetic surgery for wealthy people with double chins.

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