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psych ch 14


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the treatment of pscyhological disorders by employing psychological methods that include a personal relationship between a trained therapist and a client
the treatment of psychological disorders by altering brain functioning with physical or chemical interventions
biomedical therapies
an approach to psychotherapy in which techniques from various theoretical prespectives are used in treating psychological disorders
eclectiv approach
a diverse group of psychotherapies based on the work of Sigmund Freud that assert that psychological disorders stem primarily from unconscious forces
psychodynamic therapies
a psychodynamic therapy technique developed by Freud, in which clients say whatever comes tomind, without making any effort to inhibit their speech
free association
the process by which the client develops feelings for their therapist that are presumed to refelct the client's feelings for significant others early in life
the process by which the therapist develops feelings fortheir client that are presumed to reflect feelings the therapist had for others early in life
anything wthe client does to interferere with therapeutic progress
psychotherapies that apply learning principles to the elimination of unwanted behaviors
behavior therapies
a behavior theraphy procedure based on classical conditioning that involves conditioning new responses to stimuli that trigger unwanted behaviors
a counterconditioning technique commonly used to treat phobias, in which the client is gradually exposed to the feared object while remaining relaxed
systematic desensitzation
a counterconditioning technique commonly used in the treatment of OCD. clients are exposed to the situation in which they previously exhibited a compulsive behavior but are not permitted to engage in the ritual
response prevention
counterconditioning techniquein which classically conditioned aversive response is conditioned to occur in response to a stimulus previously associated with an undesired behavior
aversive conditioning
a technique often used to modify the behavior of severely disturbed people in institutional settings; involves reinforcing desirable behaviors with tokens that can be exchanged for other forms of reinforcement, such as snacks or television privileges.
token economy
a behavioral method of psychotherapy in which desirable behaviors are demonstarated as a way of teaching them to clients
a behavioral method of psychotheraphy in which clients are taught how to interact with others ore comfortably and effectively
social skills training
psychotherapies that focus on identifying and then modifying dysfunctional patterns of thought
cognitive therapies
the cognitive theraphy of albert ellis, in which people are confronted withtheir irrational beliefs and persuaded to develop a more realisitic way of thinking
rational-emotive behavior therapy (REBT)
the cognitive theaphy of Aaron Beck that identifies and then changes negative thinking and behavior by using both cognitive and behavioral principles
cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT)
psychotherapies that help people get in touch with their feelings, with their "true selves"and with theirpurpose in life
humanistic therapies
a humanistic therapy in which the client, rather than the therapist, directs the course of the therapy
client-centered therapy
a therapy technique in which the therapist encourages the client to speak, withough limiting the topic of conversation
open-ended statement
a therapy technique in which the thearpies acknowldges an emotion that the client has expressed verbally or nonverbally
a therapy technique in which the therapist summaries the expressed verbal content of the client's statements
a humanistic psychotherapy that stresses awareness of feelings in the here and now
gestalt therapy
a gestalt technique in which clients engage in emotional expression by imagining that the person to whom they would like to speak is sitting in an empty chair facing them
empty-char technique
a philosophical approach to treating clients who are experiencing distress principally related to a lack of meaning in their lives
existential therapy
a therapeutic technique in which the therapist provides children with toys and drawing materials on the assumption that whatever is troubling them willbe expressed in their play
play therapy
the simultaneous treatment of several clients underthe guidance of a therapist
group therapy
several people regularly meeting and discussing their problems with one another without the guidance oa therapist
self-help group
several people reguarly meeting and discussiong their problems withone another without the guidance of a therapist
self-help group
therapies dsigned to constructively modify the dysfunctional relationships among family members
family therapies
a form of family therapy in which the family is treated as a dynamic system, with each member an important interacting element in that system
family systems therapy
therapy designed to help couples improve the quality oftheir relationship
couples therapy
a group ofmedications effective in treating the delusions, hallucinations and loose associations ofschizophrenia by blocking dopamine receptors and thereby reducing dopamine activity
antipsychotic drugs
drugs that relieve depression by increasing the supply of norepinephrine and/or serotonin at the nruon's receptor sites
antidepressant drug
drugs that have an immediate calming effect by facilitating the inhibitory action ofthe GABA neurotransmitter, thereby reducing nereve impulse transmision
antianxiety drugs
a physiological treatment for severe depression in which a brief electrical shock is administered to the brain of an anesthetized patient
electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)
a rearely used surgical procedure to treat psycholigcal disorders in which brain tissue thought to be the cause of the disorder is destroyed
a system of insured health care inwhich the insurance company may determine such issues as which therapists clients may choose, the number of sessions permitted, and which drugs are prescribed
managed care system

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