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Urinary system:A client has stress incontinence. Which bodywork method may be uncomfortable for them?
a. Vibration over the kidneys
b. Passive range of motion
c. Compression to the lower abdomen
d. Compression to the kidney meridian.
C. Compression to the lower abdomen.
Integumentary system: Why is healthy skin an important aspect of immune funtions?
a. Skin is alkaline.
b. Skin is a protective barrier
c. Melanocytes secrete hydrocloric acid
d. The temperature of skin immobilizes bacteria.
C. Melanocytes secrete hydrochloric acid.
What are the glands in the skin involved in sweating to cool the body?
a. Sebaceous glands
b. Eccrine glands
c. Apocrine glands
d. Ceruminous glands
B. Eccrine glands
Endocrine System: Melatonin is implicated in:
a. sleep regulation
b. insulin distribution
c. blood calcium regulation
d. Graves disease
A. sleep regulation
Of the following nonwestern concepts, which most likely correlates to the endocrine system?
a. Aura
b. Chakra
c. Accupuncture point
d. Marma
B. Chakra
Digestive system: What type of food is broken down by amylase in the saliva?
a. Carbohydrates
b. Fats
C. Proteins
D. Amino Acids
A. Carbohydrates
If the mucous membrane that lines the abdominal cavity becomes inflammed, then it is called:
a. Gastroenteritis
b. Reflux esophagitis
c. Peritonitis
d. Diverdiculitis
C. Peritonitis
Respiratory system: The gas exchange between blood and tissues is called:
a. Pulmonary respiration
b. Quiet inspiration
c. External respiration
d. Internal respiration
D. Internal respiration
Nervous System: What is the nerve that transmits the signal to the central nervous system?
a. Motor
b. Efferent
c. Afferent
d. Cranial
C. Afferent
What nerve is often irritated in long distance bicycle riding?

a. Phrenic
b. Musculo-cutaneus
c. Thorocodorsal
d. Pudendal
D. Pudendal
Therapeutic use of scent, sometimes called Aromatherapy, stimulates which type of receptor?
a. Nociceptors
b. Chemoreceptors
c. Mechanoreceptors
d. thermal receptors
B. Chemoreceptors
A person has experienced a series of stressful events over the past 3 days. They are having difficulty falling asleep and their tolerance to noise has decreased, thus causing them to become very frusterated and angry. Bodywork benefits this client by:
B. Sustaining the affect of Serotonin.
Muscular system: A client often experiences soreness the day after a resistance training routine with weights. Which of the following types of muscle contraction is the likely cause of this tenderness?
a. Concentric contraction
b. Eccentric con
B. Eccentric contraction
A muscle that produces the majority of movement is called:
a, Agonist
b. Antagonist
c. Fixator
d. Synergist
A. Agonist
The muscle that function to flex the elbow are:
a. Brachialis, brachioradialis, and pronator teres
b. Triceps brachii, coracobrachialis, teres major
c. Pronator quadratus, brachioradialis, coracobrachialis
d. Brachialis, brachioradial
A. Brachialis,brachioradialis, and Pronator teres
Skeletal system: An air space in the facial bone is a:
a. sinus
b. trabeculae
c. foramen
d. meatus
a. sinus
What is the method of massage that reflects the concept of Swedish gymnastics?
a. Tapotement
b. Shaking
c. Petrissage
d. Passive range of motion
D. Passive range of motion
What is a form of percussion?
a. Rocking
b. Hacking
c. Chucking
d. Jostling
B. Hacking
Business: What type of insurance provides coverage if a person is injured in a fall at a place of business?
a. Disability insurance
b. Product liability insurance
c. Professional liability insurance
d. Premise liability insurance
D. Premise liability insurance
What does Reciprocity mean?
All doing the same trade just slightly different technique.
What defines the practice parameters of a particular profession?
a. code of ethics
b. standards of practice
c. Scope of practice
d. informed consent
C. Scope of practice
Terminology/Touch,Compassion,Spec. Pop.
An amateur athlete who complete in weekly competitions requests that sports massage be used in a restorative approach supporting recovery. When would be the best time to schedule the session?
a. Prior to
C. Within 24 hours after competitions.

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