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Ch. 32, Conservative Challenge


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Operation Desert Storm
attack Iraq and Kuwait, air strikes first then ground units, Hussein out of spite burns oil fields and pours oil in Persian Gulf
resisted the trend toward more secular values, wanted prayer in schools and creationism to be taught
Grenada Invasion
US invades small Carribbean island of Grenada whose govt was threatened by Pro-Castro revolutionaries, we crush the rebels & protect lots of Americans studying medicine on the island (mainly a symbolic gesture)
Environmental Issues
Bush I tries to reform, appts William Reilly to EPA but not a lot gets done b/c of opposition in Congress
Saddam Hussein
Iraq's dictator, he hides in holes, attacks Kuwait
Star Wars
Space-based missile system that would be merely defensive A protective web of missile satellites above the US (fantastical)
Mikhail Gorbachev
new leader in Russia, favored improving conditions with US, policy of openness (GLASNOST) about problems in USSR
S&L Crisis
savings and loans crisis- savings and loans were going down so the govt allowed more lenient investment which led to corruption that would cost billions for the Bush adminsitation to back by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation
Boland Amendment
response to CIA attempting to overthrow the govt in Nicaragua, forbids the CIA or any other agency or entity involved in intelligence activities to spend money to support the Contras (many memebers served the oppresive regime that the US had backed & had been overthrown in '79)
White-Collar Unemployment
high unemployment by 1992 election even among white collar workers
Pope John Paul II
Assumed Papacy 1979, Conservative Pope, against strengthening women's position in church, more staunch on birth control
The Clarence Thomas Hearings
He is confirmed even though one woman (Anita Hill) accuses him of sexual harassment (this is the pubic hair on the coke can thing i believe.. i could be wrong)
Tax Cuts
25% cut for all though it left more money in the hands of the wealthy (Reaganomics)
Malls as Symbols of an Age
Cathedrals of consumption reflected a society turning away from social protest and crusades to more private paths of personal fulfillment
Topical Sitcoms
MASH, All in The Family with Archie Bunker; the strictness made before by Hollywood was not as enforced and shows became more offensive
"It's the Economy Stupid"
Clinton's sign tacked up to remind his workers of the campaigns central theme
The Transfer of Wealth
Much more wealth kept in the hands of the wealthy
Environmental Controversies
Opposed most conservation efforts and repealed many old acts to allow off shore oiling and private development
the whole Iran weapon selling ordeal (Reagan's Watergate)
Gramm-Rudman Act
a set of steadily increasing limits on federal spending, meant to bring about a balanced budget
Arms for Hostages Deal
give arms to Iran for their help/influence in freeing some hostages from Lebanon, only 1 hostage is ever released
Supply-Side Economics
cut taxes for businesses to increase growth and stimulate the economy, trickle down economics (help the top & the money will trickle down to the poor eventually aka Reaganomics)
Military Buildup
sharp rise in military outlays, $1.5 trillion to be spent over 5 years
Fighting Inflation
favored higher unemployment and weakened unions to reduce labor costs
Worldwide Conservative Tide
Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister in GB, Soviets turn to religion in face of Communist disillusionment, Mao successors in China introduce market capitalism to economy
The Reagan Style
the great communicator, "hands-off" style: less management, not more, was what the nation needed after a succession of activist presidents from Kennedy to Carter

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