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History Final


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political party from the south that broke off from the democrats, due to the issue of race
Iran Hostage Crisis
contributed to the defeat of Carter in the 1980 election
the area of Africa in which genecide was discovered in 1994
disease which was highlighted by a memorial quilt in 1967
launched by the Soviet Union to orbit the earth
civil rights act of 1957
act which outlawed attempted to prohibit qualified voters from voting
Montgomery Improvement Association
organization whose spokesman was MLK Jr. They spoke out in favor of the bus boycott
baby boom
population increase that resulted from younger marriages and led to an emphasis on parenting
gerald ford
president who pardoned Nixon and Vietnam draft dodgers
Black Power
movement that urged African Americans to gain control of political and economic power by force if necessary
38th parallel
where north and south korea were divided into american and soviet occupied zones. north=communist, south=democracy
Ho Chi Minh Trail
important supply route for North Vietnam soldiers
National healthcare insurance for those 65 or older
Thomas-Hill hearings
sexual harrasment hearing in 1993 between Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas(potential Supreme Court Justice)
camp david accords
first signed peace agreement betweet Egypt and Israel
enviromental protection agency
(EPA) organization developed to protect the enviroment
kent state
campus in ohio where 4 students were killed in an anti-war protest by the national guard
Adolph Hitler
used the spoken word to rise to power in Germany
major music event which represented the best and worst of the counterculture
civil rights act of 1964
act that prohibited discrimination in jobs and public housing
gov. controlled by a single person/party who controls every aspect of life
purchasing a lot of material goods
Operation Desert Storm
US protection of Kuwait in 1990
G.I. Bill of Rights
it gave veterans money for housing and education
worst nuclear accident ever in Ukraine. 31 died immediately -300 injured
led montgomery improvement association, made it his goal in life to end racial injustice
TWAFlight 847- bound for Rome from GReece and was hijacked with 153 passengers on board. PAN AM Flight 103- exploded over Scotland, killing 259 passengers
armistice agreement
signed september 2, 1945 on board battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay
Ronald Reagan
president who was shot in 1981 by a man trying to impresss actress Jodi Foster
united nations
created in 1945 to promote international peace
Oklahoma City bombing
occurred in 1995, first act of domestic terroism by an American
little rock nine
nine african american students who attempted to integrate Central High and met with some opposition
family medical leave act
law requiring buisnesses to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for family emergencies
Head Start Program
Great society program that offered a preschool education to those who could not afford it
a gov. characterized by racism and militarism. it is a repressive one party dictatorship
Berlin airlift
successful because it embarrased the Soviets
fall of the berlin wall
(1989) communist gov. failed and croweds left east germany as people dismantled the wall
rosa parks
refused to give up her seat on abus to a white man and was arrested
a restructuring of the soviet economy which lead to the fall of communism
domino theory
if one country falls to communism, others may fall more easily
richard nixon
first president to visit china. resigned due to the watergate scandal
The National Defense Education Act
appropriated money to improve math, science, and foreign language education
internment camps
camps on the west coast where US government placed Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor because we thought they could be spies
Warren Commission
investigated the assasination of JFK
Allied Powers
Great Britain, Russia, France, US
the ability to get to the verge of war, without actually entering one
berlin blockade
"berlin wall" in 1948 the soviets blockaded Berlin in an effort to keep communism in East Germany
iran hostage crisis
the Shah of Iran (ally of the US) came to the US after a revolution in Iran and armed students took 52 american hostages in Iran
silent generation
youth of the 50's that seemed to conform to middle class culture without question
Equal rights amendment
(ERA) women were encouraged to fight for more rights and lobbied to have this amendment passed
Thurgood Marshall
NAACP lawyer who suggested segregation was damaging to African American children
role of women
cook, clean, raise the kids
Marshall Plan
pledged billions of $ to Europe to prevent consumerism
(organization of Petroleum/oil exporting countries) quadrupled oil prices in the seventies
1992 Bosnia voted on independence but the Serbs were against it. A civil war broke out and the Serbs used ethnic cleansing to remove all non-Serbs from their territory
atomic bomb/manhattan project
used to end the war quickly, developed in manhattan-tested in new mexico
pearl harbor
december 7, 1941 Japan attacks Hawaii because we cut off oil trade when they wouldnt leave Manchuria
dolly the sheep was cloned in 1998
three smile island
nuclear power plant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvannia which failed, causing radiation to be admitted in the air
Jimmy Carter
Human rights was his foreign policy focus (apartheid)
tonkin gulf resolution
1st time a president declared an act of war without the consent of congress (johnson)
2/3 (6,000,000) Jews exterminated by the Nazi's
scandal which led to the resgnation of Nixon
student non-violent coordinating committee (SNCC)
peacefully protested against racial discrimination and the Vietnam War
urban renewal
replacing old rundown buildings with new ones
rigid separation of races in South Africa - Carter condemned it
explorer 1
first satellite launched by the US
fear that no electronics would work due to not switching to the year 2000
southern christian leadership conference
group that focused on ending racial discrimination peacefully
lend-lease act
allowed the US to provide arms and supplies to the Allies before we entered the war
free thinking poets/writers who rejected conformity
Trickle Down Ecomonics
preventing the spread of communism
General MacArthur
Person who disagreed with Truman on his Korea policy and was fired
Students for Democratic Society. A radical student group who organized the first anti-war protest in Washington DC
policy of allowing more open criticism of the soviet government
native Americans
ethnic group pressured to move to cities as a result of termination
cold war
US and Soviet Union conflict in which they would block each others goals around the world
National health care for the needy
star wars
cold war defense plan put in space (Reagan)
hippie movement characterized by heavy drug use and casual sex
Bay of Pigs
invasion planned by the CIA to overthrow Fidel Castro
tiananmen square
(1989) Univeersity students in china protested wanting freedom of speech and a greater say in their government. China's leader ordered the military to slaughter the students
nixon's belief in putting National interests before all else
Nelson Mandela
A leader who was freed in South Africa in 1990 and struggled to end aparthide
brown v. the board of education
supreme court case that states, "separate educational facilities are not equal"
space shuttle which exploded in 1986
Sandra DayO'Connor
first female supreme court justice
styles of dress
poodle skirts, cardigans, capris, bermuda shorts, leather jackets
flexible response
JFKs policy that provided several options for handling Cold War issue
Tet Offensive
Vietnamese New Year where the North attacked the South-as a result, Americans began heavily protesting against Vietnam
Axis Powers
germany, italy, japan
vietnam memorial
memorial to vietnam veterans entitled "Dark Silence" Completed in 1984
berlin wall
separated east and west berlin from 1961 to 1989. built by communist east berlin to porevent citizens from fleeing to the west
affirmative action
policy put into place to erase former discrimination on the basis of race and gender
Bill Clinton
won election of 1992, was impeached due to the Monica Lewinski scandal and was later acquitted
Joseph McCarthy spread the fear of communism in the US
D-day (operation overlord)
helped allies establish a base from which they swept the Germans out of France
nuremberg trials
established the principal that individuals can be held responsible for wartime conduct
freedom summer
project that helped register African Americans to vote
iran-contra affair
involved funding guerilla forces in Nicaragua in exchange for hostages
policy of giving into the demands of a hostile nation in hope of avoiding war
Cuban Missle Crisis
Soviets placed missiles in Cuba aimed at the US- it was 13 days of potential nuclear war
gov. in Germany during WWII
Peace Corps
New Frontier Program that sent volunteers to developing nations for 2 yrs.
affected businesses by increased productivity
arms race
matching another country's production of weapons
INF Treaty
agreement which eliminated all medium range nuclear weapons

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