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History Factfile


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"Five-cent Speech"
the speech where Mackenzie King said that he would not give a five-cent piece to any province that did not have a liberal government.
Bennett Buggy
A model-T with the engine removed and pulled by oxen.
Union Nationale
a new party formed by French Canadians who felt the economic and social grievances.
"Black Tuesday"
the day the stock market crashed in October 1929.
National Film Board
established in 1939, its goal was to "promote the production and distribution of films in the nation and in interpret Canada and Canadians to other countries".
Social Credit
a new regional party that swept to power as the government of Alberta in 1935.
Great Depression
the worst economic downturn the country has ever faced.
Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission
meant to counteract American domination of the airwaves and encourage the development of Canadian programs.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
the commission became the CBC in 1936.
On-to-Ottawa Trek
thousands of men who were fed up with the relief camps boarded freight trains bound for Ottawa to protest the government.
emergency financial assistance given to some of the unemployed to keep from starving.
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation
was formed in 1932 by farmers, labour groups, university teachers, and a few members of Parliament.
Governor General's Awards
established to promote Canadian writing in 1937.
Business Cycle
ups and downs of the economy.
primary or basic products such as wheat, fish, minerals, pulp, and paper.
Bennett's "New Deal"
Bennett said that he would establish unemployment and social insurance, set minimum wages, limit the hours of work, guarantee the fair treatment of employees, and control prices so that businesses could not make unfair profits.

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