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Ch. 24.2


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Federal law intended to encourage economic growth by eliminating unfair competition among employers; declared unconstitutional in 1935.
New Deal
President Franklin D. Roosevelt's programs for helping the U.S. economy during the Great Depression.
Francis Perkins
Secretary of Labor in 1933 also the 1st female cabinet member in American History
Federal law that made unions and collective bargaining legal.
National labor group formed in 1938 that joined together many industrial unions
New Deal program that built dams to provide hydroelectric power and flood control to the Tennessee River Valley.
Fireside Chats
President Franklin D. Roosevelt's radio addresses to the American people
New deal agency created to put American men and women to works constructing and repairing bridges roads buildings and parks
sit-down strike
Type of strike in which striking workers refuse to leave the factories so that cannot replace them
Harry Hopkins
Head of Federal Depoist Insurance Corporation(FDIC)also in charge of Civil Works Administration(CWA)
Huey Long
Louisiana senator he also called for more equal distribution of wealth
Brain Trust
Group of expert policy advisers who worked with president Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s to end the Great Depression.
Social Security Act
Legislation that created Social Security which provides retirement pensions and unemployment insurance to American workers as well as aid to older Americans and people with disabilities

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