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SS final exam study guide

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Herbert Hoover
President when the depression started
National Youth Admin.: Set up job progams for the young people and helped them continue thier education.
deficit spending
using borrowed money to fund goverment projects
Sit-Down Stikes
when srtiking workers woulkd remain inside the plant sitting down so factory owners could not hire strikebreakers to do the work
American Fedriration of Labor: organized labor unions
VJ day
Victory in Japan september 2nd, 1945 treaty signed on S.S. Missouri.
Iwo jima and Okinawa
Islands took over in pacific for goal of invading main land japan, the overwhelming amounts of death made it so we weould drop A-bomb
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Man who led US troops in North Africa
Bonus army
WWI veterans went to D.C. to get thier bonuses but the national guard came out on them.
Operation overlord
code name for D-Day
Federal Deposit Insurance Company: Protected the money of depositors in insured banks.
Cold war
caused when Russia broke promise to turn countries democratic but made them communist
country formed for jewish people created tension with palistan
War productiion board
New Deal
FDR's plan to fight the depression and get the economy back on top
Dust Bowl
Central part of country many people left for California on route 66 to find not many jobs.
cuases for dust bowl
bad soil conservation, no roots holding soil in place, and drought
Public Works Admin.:Created jobs by having people build highways,bridges and other public works
June 6th 1941, When the Allies(usa,uk,can.) invaded the beaches of Normandie France.
Civilian Conservation Corps:Hired young men to plant trees, build dams, and work on other conservation projects.
Italy, Japan, Germany
first city A-bomb dropped on
Social Security Act
Provided workers with unemploymentinsurance and retirement benefits.
women's army corp gave women jobs in war effort
lighting warfare used by hitler
Mussolini-Italy Hitler-Japan Stalin-Russia
Agricultural Adjustment Admin.:Regulated farm production and promoted soil conservation
where Hitler invaded afterwards england and France declared war
major allie power Germany took over
Battle of the Bulge
Germany's last offensive
lend lease act
when usa was nuetral and we would "lend" the allies weapons
nuremberg trials
the trilas of top Nazi officials
National Recoverey Admin.: Regulated industry and raised wages and prices.
Wagner Act
Protected labors' right to form unions and set up board to hear labor disputes.
GI bill of rights
educational and economical help to veterans
Court packing
The suprmeme court did not agree with FDR's programs so he trys to add 6 justices to supreme court.
first place America invaded in europe
Pearl Harbor
December 7th, 1941 a suprise attack on a naval base in Hawaii by the japanese
Works Progress Admin.:Established large scale national works programs to create jobs.
Bussiness Cycle
The cycle of economy Peak(high Point) Contraction(decrease) Trough(low point where we were during the depression) Expansion (going back up) Peak
buying on the margin
invesators paid a small part of stocka as dwn payment but borrowed the rest
first place Hitler invaded
Marshall Plan
gave more than 13 billion to boost economies of europe
Brain Trust
the group of rosovelt's smart advisers
Tennessee Valley Authority.:Planned deveploment of the tennessee valley Region
Fireside Chats
When FDR would go on radio and explain his polocies the public trusted hi m more becuase he said it in a friendly way.
bracero program
hiring of mexicans for much needed jobs during the war
the interment of japanese americans during WWII for fear of them being spys
Election Of 1932
FDR won
island hopping
us by US in pacific strategey of going from small island to small island with the evntual goal of getting to mainland Japan
United Nations
formed after war because league of nations was not effective
Black Tuesday
October 29, 1929 day of stock market crash
Battle of Midway
turning point in war
zoot suit riots
When californians and Zoot suiters fought over jobs
Big 3
Rosovelt, Churchill, and Stalin
Doolittle raids
air bombing strikes over Tokyo
second city A-bomb droppped on
Letting Hitler invade one country but not any more but when he does we do the same thing
Nazi Death Camps
Places set up to kill the jewish people all in poland
first 100 days
Relief, Recoverey, and reform or the 3 r's
Federal Emergency Relief Admin.: provided federal money for releif projects for unemployed.
Japanese suicide bombers name after Divine Wind
Public works projects
Goverment funded projects to build stuff as roads and dams etc.
Manhattan Project
code name for building of A-bomb
Zoot suit
long suit worn mostly by mexicnas in California
buying and selling stock on the hope of making easy money
VE Day
Victory in Europe May 8th 1945
Rural Electrification Admin.:Brought electricity to rural areas.
Rome-Berlin Axis
Hitler and Mussolini agreement to be allies
Extreme patrioism and nationalism usually linked to racism, italy was the first to have this type of goverment

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