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socials chapter 3

only socials chapter 3


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real mccoy
expression from this historical period. bill was an american boat builder and rum runner who never watered down his liquor
famous five
five woman from alberta who approached the supreme court and asked the following question: does the word person in section 24 of the BNA act include females?
the industrial capacity of the US and canada had expanded beyond the ability of consumers to consume
emily carr
won governor generals award for first novel entitled klee wyck (laughing one)
foster hewitt
famous radio hockey announcer in the 20's. developed "he shoots, he scores!"
market economy
usually found in capitalist economies. individual producers and consumers determine the kind of goods and services produced and prices
john meynard keynes
british economist proposed radical solutions and govt should spend their way out of depression
great depression
in 1929, the stock market crashed resulting in this. many bankrupt unemployed and poverty extreme.
basic products in canadas economy, crops timber and minerals. canadas most important exports
the imperial conference, 1926
it was made known that canada was in no way subordinate to great britain.
rum runners
american smugglers of alcohol
king byng crisis
first time a governor general refused a request of a prime minister
riding the rails
people would hitch a ride on a freigt train and look for a new job or something else to do. police didnt care as much as other things about this
deficit financing
govts should borrow money and spend it on employment projects and repay money later after economy got better
on to ottawa trek
a protest and people wantede work with wages and real jobs, stopped by rcmp when riot broke out
similar to modern day welfare system, but pogey did not provide sufficient support to people.
laissez faire
meaning let do. governments let economy do as it did, not interfered with the economy.since ww1, there has been more control over the economy
league of nations
founded by woodrow wilson. made to maintain peace in the world
unemployment relief camps
for single unemployed men who built roads or public work projects. 20 cents a day and shelter
british commonwealth of nations
free and equal states that had a common allegiance to britain. former colonies of britain.
balfour report
said that dominions were independant communities within the british empire. governor general only represented the monarch
dionne quintuplets
first set of quintuplets to live past a few days old in 1934
trade unions
a group of people that joined together in order to gain improved housing, training, and higher pay.
bloody saturday
in response to arresting of union leaders in 1919, many riots ensued and people got violent and hurt and riots broke out. many arrests
speak easies
secret places to sell forbidden alcohol
buying on margin
buying socks with borrowed money hoping that the stock would rise alot in a short time
womans christian temperance union, used their influence to convince the govt to ban the production and sale and consumption of alcohol
red scare
fear of communism spreading to other countries
black tuesday
the day the stockmarket crashed
employment projects
modernizing infrastructure upon which modern economies depend would make ideal projects.
statute of westminster
canada could make laws independant of britain and was part of the british commonwealth of nations
extreme prosperity, usually followed by a bust
cooperative commonwealth federation
was renamed the new democratic party in 1961
regina riot
workers protesting for a real job and wages.
collective security
members of the league of nations bound themselves to help any member that was in trouble
alcohol produced by albertans
when a country does not need the worlds raw materials nearly as much other powers govt protected industries from competition of foreign goods by discouraging tariffs.
serious turn for the worst in the economy
chanak crisis
first time canada refused to immediately help britain for imperial british war policies. british sent troops to turkey to prevent it from taking over a the port.
winnipeg general strike, 1919
many workers walked off their jobs and spread to a general strike. the whole city was affected and everything got shut down.
bennetts new deal
canadian version of american one, lots of taxes, work hours minimum wage, unemployment insurance and pension plans
collective bargaining
when an employee can bargain with an employer
pier 21
port of halifax.
a process where quarelling parties submit their dispute to a third party for ruling
process where people bought on margin and then sold repayed the loan and harvested a large profit
emily murphy
part of famous five, became first woman judge in british empire
agnes macphail
first female MP. called for prison reform. founded the elizabeth fry society of canada, an organization to help woman who were improsined
persons case
case that resulted in woman being accepted as persons
group of seven
famous artists of canada. used bold strokes, heavy paint and contrast in paintings and rejected realism.

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