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Leadership 2


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What is a potential for learning certain things called?
What are the "extras" provided by employers, such as insurance, bonuses and paid vacation?
fringe benefits
What is the title for someone who learns how to do a specific job through experience and guidance from a skilled worker?
What is the term for the cost of attending school?
A written summary of your education and work history that you provide to a perspective employer is called what?
What is the term for people who will provide personal and/or professional information to the employer about a job applicant?
What is a formal meeting between an employer and a job applicant?
What is the privileged status that results from continuous service to one company?
What is the quality of standing up for one's rights, beliefs, and ideas in a constructive manner?
What means of identification does everyone need before beginning employment?
social security number
What is anything, other than land, that is used to produce more wealth called?
What do you call a person who starts a new business and manages and assumes the risk of this business?
What is the term for economic conditions in which prices rise sharply?
What is a business owned by a number of people who bought shares in the business?
What is the legal right to sell a company's goods and services in a particular area?
What is the amount of money remaining after all expenses are paid from revenues?
net profit
What is a written guarantee of a product's quality and the manufacturer's promise to repair and replace defective parts?
What is a plan that an individual uses to manage money?
What is the term to describe something of value a person owns that is promised if loan payments can't be met?
What do you call a person who is named by a life insurance policyholder to receive payments from the insurance?
In the event of a claim, what is the amount of money the policyholder must pay before the insurance company will pay?
What are the initials of the Federal agency responsible for collecting income taxes?
What is the legal statement that reports the amount of money earned and taxes withheld from an employee's income?
W-2 Form
What are the initials used to identify the social security deduction on an employee's check stub?
What do you call services, such as electricity, gas, and water, that are provided by public companies?
What is the name of the document which gives minors permission to be employed at a specific place?
work permit
What are the three types of educational programs that graduate individuals eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Professional Nursing (RN) called?
BSN (any order)
What are the abbreviations for the two types of medical degrees? (any order)
M.D., D.O. (MD and DO is also acceptable, without periods)
When was the first Social Security Act signed?
When was the Medicare program established?
A good employee demonstrates the ability to think and select an action without being told. What is the term for this characteristic?
An employee who demonstrates a positive attitude toward his or her boss and company and avoids negative comments is considered a/an ________ employee.
An employee who completes assignments without arguing, is willing to help others, follows directions and accepts constructive criticism, is considered a/an _____ employee?
An employer is responsible for providing employees a safe and clean environment and the equipment necessary for your job. Name a third employer responsibility to the employee.
paying an agreed salary
To make a positive first impression an applicant should exhibit a professional appearance and greet the prospective employer with what?
a firm handshake
How many years of education does it take to become a Licensed Practical Nurse?
9 to 18 months
What is written on an application form to show that you have not overlooked a question, but did not answer it because it did not pertain to you?
N/A (should be capitalized)
What term means that a person has fulfilled requirements of education and performance and meets the standard set up by a professional organization?
A process by which a regulatory body administers examinations and maintains a current list of qualified personnel is called:
What is the purpose of a letter of application?
to obtain an interview
What should you do before using anyone's name as a reference?
obtain permission
What should you do during a job interview if any question reflects any kind of religious, racial or sex discrimination?
politely decline answering
After the job interview, what should you do to indicate that you are still interested in the position?
send a thank you note
The amount of money available to you after deductions is called:
net income
The term that is used to show that you are willing to be held accountable for your actions is called what?
An employee who is prompt in reporting to work and maintains a good attendance record would be demonstrating what characteristic?
The minimum education requirement to become a Registered Dietitian is a _______ degree.
A Speech-Language Therapist requires what minimum education?
master's degree
What health professional operates the heart-lung machine used in coronary bypass surgery?
When employees are considered for promotions, the first question work-based supervisors ask is:
What qualifications does the person have?
A technique to effectively use time is called:
time management
. Mental, emotional, or physical tension is called what?
When hiring a person for a job, the employer screens for applicants who demonstrate the qualifications needed to perform the job. These qualifications are called:
Periodicals containing articles of specialized information relating to specific professions are called what?
professional journals
Employers rely on individuals who are good decision makers, set a good example, and to whom fellow employees go for advice to place in positions of responsibility. They are looking for what quality in their employees?
Solving a disagreement or to successfully deal with friction is called what?
conflict resolution
person who does not get paid and who serves or acts on his own free will is called a:
The direction or movement of job availability or employment needs is called what?
employment trend
A formal request for employment or a form used in making such a request is called a:
job application
Employees that come from environments where a language other than English is dominant and have sufficient difficulty speaking, reading, writing or understanding English are said to have:
limited English proficiency
Managers must be aware of the way an employee learns best. The way that a person takes in and processes information is called what?
a learning style
What is a good way to work with someone who might be speech impaired and is trying to communicate with you?
maintain eye contact
The basic principle that all people are guaranteed the same privileges or rights is called what?
equal opportunities
A developmental collection of your work including documentation of your achievements is called a:
An opportunity for a business to display materials, equipment, and services about their company is called a:
trade show
A skill that you learn to perform through training is called a:
A task performed to business and industry standards is called a:
For handwritten applications what color ink should one use?
dark blue or black
When completing a job application, unless you are absolutely certain of the wages you want, what should you write under the salary section?
As an employee you may be asked to travel on behalf of your organization. An appropriate tip for an airport skycap is:
$1 per bag
While employed it might be necessary to have business lunches with clients. What is the expected percent for tipping a waiter or waitress?
15 percent of the total bill
You have been introduced to a person and have forgotten his or her name. What should you do?
ask his or her name again
. Social etiquette dictates that when a woman or man enters the room and approaches a man who is seated, the seated man should do what?
rise from his seat
Being a responsible citizen is an important employability skill. A responsible citizen is someone who participates in what?
the democratic system of government
Your employer, customers, and co-workers form opinions about you by the way you act. Who is responsible for your actions?
you alone
Since first impressions are often formed by appearance, a professional appearance shows that you:
respect yourself
Chewing gum during an interview is not appropriate because:
it is unprofessional
What style of clothes and hair should be worn?
Keeping your personal opinions separate from the company's policies and goals demonstrates what?
respect for the rights of others
An educational trend to unite the efforts of educators with employers to provide job training is called:
A person who avoids subjects that are likely to result in disagreements is said to be avoiding what?
An employee should know his or her job description and avoid performing skills outside the scope of practice. This is called knowing your:
To learn about a career by spending time observing in the industry is called what?
job shadowing
Your attitudes toward work or the philosophy dealing with rules of right conduct at work is called.
work ethics
A person who believes in his or her abilities is said to have:
An employee who continues difficult tasks until completed is someone who has:
A worker who demonstrates a desire to learn and who is eager and zealous is said to have:
An employee who adjusts to changes in schedules or job assignments is said to be:
A worker who maintains self-control is said to have:
Not all behaviors observed in the work place are appropriate. Observing negative behaviors might help you to learn how to:
avoid making these mistakes
If you are confused about an assignment what should you do?
ask for clarification
Name one resource to help you learn about occupations in the health field.
The Dictionary of Occupational Titles
Name three work skills that are valuable in any work environment. (any order)
leadership skills
speaking skills
communication skills
teamwork skills
academic skills
a work ethic
Time management consists of having a healthy balance between what two activities?
(any order) leisure and work
The ability to order your family, school, household, leisure and work activities is called the ability to:
Encouragement from others, a promise of money or a gift, or fear of punishment is called an:
external motivator
A desire to achieve, a feeling of self-worth or pleasure for having done a good job is called an:
internal motivator
Recognizing that there is a discrepancy between what is and what should or could be, identifying possible reasons for those discrepancy, and devising plans to resolve them is called:
problem solving
Applying rules and principles to a new situation and determining which conclusions are correct when given a set of facts and a set of conclusions is called:
An individual's ability to sell goods or services is called:
What skills involve using motor/muscular coordination in manipulation of materials/objects?
Which club officer calls the meeting to order?
What is the term for the motion to end a meeting?
Who is permitted to make a motion
any club member
Which club officer collects membership dues?
In the absence of the president, who carries out the duties of the president?
In what year was VICA officially founded?
What is the SkillsUSA motto?
Preparing for leadership in the world of work
What part of the SkillsUSA emblem represents the challenge of modern technology and the need for continuous education?
orbital circles
The SkillsUSA creed states: I believe in the Dignity of what?
Which of the SkillsUSA colors represents the union of the states and chapters?
In the SkillsUSA emblem the hands represent what?
In the SkillsUSA emblem the industrial society is represented by what?
In the SkillsUSA emblem the Torch represents what
Which officer displays and explains the torch as a part of the Opening and Closing Ceremony?
Which officer displays and explains the hands in the Opening and Closing Ceremony?
vice president
SkillsUSA is the national organization for students enrolled in what type of education?
trade, industrial, technical and health occupations education (any order)
Which part of the emblem denotes a belief in democracy, liberty and the American way of life?
What are the SkillsUSA colors?
red, white, blue, and gold (any order)
What is the name of the Executive Director of National SkillsUSA?
Steve Denby
What is a list of items to be covered in a meeting called?
What is the term that means to add to or delete something from a motion by another motion?
What is the term for a written vote, usually made in secret?
What does the abbreviation "NLSC " stand for?
National Leadership and Skills Conference
What is the act of getting together for a meeting or to call a meeting to order?
What is a discussion in which members present arguments for opposite sides of the issue?
What do you call permission to speak to the group?
to have the floor
What is a number greater than 1/2 of all the votes cast by the voting members?
What term means a formal proposal for action?
What is a statement made by a member to question a ruling or to enforce the regular rules?
point of order
What is a statement made by a member when that member believes it is time to vote on a motion?
call the question
What is a motion to postpone making a decision on a motion being discussed?
table the question
Which officer holds and explains the shield in the Opening Ceremony?
What is a voting method in which members rise to signify "yes" or "'no" on the motion?
standing vote
What is the written record of what is said and done during a meeting?
How many SkillsUSA regions are there in the U.S.?
What term refers to the formal guidelines used in conducting a meeting
parliamentary procedure
A special committee to consider a single matter or event is known as what?
Business left over from a previous meeting is considered what
unfinished business
The first item on the agenda of a meeting is?
call to order
A written document of the principles and laws governing the operation of an organization is the definition of what?
The number of members that must be present for business meeting to be conducted legally is called what?
What is required after a motion has been made before it can be discussed?
a second
What officer of an organization notifies members of scheduled meetings, keeps and reads the minutes, files copes of committee reports and handles correspondence?
the secretary
What type of committee deals with regular and continuing matters of an organization such as professional development and ways and means?
standing committee
The word " parliamentary" comes from the French word "parler" which means what?
to speak
What is the official SkillsUSA dress for women in addition to the red SkillsUSA blazer, sweater, or windbreaker, the clear seamless hose, and black shoes?
(any order) white collarless blouse, black skirt or black dress slacks
Note: To save time you do not have to mention "or blouse with a collar that does not extend over the jacket lapels"
What is the official SkillsUSA dress for men in addition to the red SkillsUSA blazer, sweater, or windbreaker, and the black or cordovan shoes?
(any order) white dress shirt, black tie, slacks and socks
note: To save time you do not have to mention "tied in four-in-hand knot"
SkillsUSA 's program of work is made up of seven components. Name three of the seven.
Professional Development (any three, any order)
Community Service
Ways and Means
Skills USA Championships
Public Relations
Social Activities
Through a knowledge of our nation's heritage and the practice of democracy, what do SkillsUSA students develop?
Repute means to have a what?
good reputation
Established in 1979, this center serves as headquarters for National SkillsUSA and houses administrative offices, facilities for the publishing and distribution of leadership training materials and conference facilities.
The SkillsUSA National Leadership Center (be exact)
Name the two types of contests that can be conducted at the local level.
(any order) occupational skill contests, leadership contests

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