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U.S.. History Ch. 20 & 21


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John Kennedy
Was a young President. He was a catholic, very well known in the political world, and not very experinced.
Lyndon Johnson
Was the President after JFK was shot. He wanted to keep JFK's ideas on the great society.
Martin Luther King Jr.
He was a southern minister. He lead the boycott with the buses in the south, and lead with peaceful protests in the civil rights movement.
Robert Kennedy
He was the brother of JFK. He was also his campaign manager. JFK appointed him to be attorney general.
Fidel Castro
The leader of Cuba, which won the bay of pigs invasion
Nikita Khrushchev
He backed down to JFK, and he was in charge of the missles being sent into Cuba.
Neil Armstrong
The First man to walk on the moon.
Lee Harvey Oswald
He killed JFK in dallas.
Barry Goldwater
He ran for Prsident against Johnson but lost the Presidency.
Earl Warren
He lead the investigation of the killing of JFK.
Rosa Parks
She refused to move out of a seat on a bus for a white person. Which lead to the bus boycotts in the South.
Mohamet Gandhi
Stood up for what he believed in, in a peaceful manner. JFK looked to him as a model.
Malcolm X
He believed in Isalm, went for jail, after getting out of jail he traveled to mecca. He was killed later in life.
James Earl Ray
He killed Martin Luther King
Jack Ruby
He killed Lee Harvey Oswald, which murdered JFK
Bay of Pigs
The invasion of Cuba, where the CIA tried to overthrow the cuba government
Why did JFK get elected?
He was young and looked good during the debates. He was a good speaker. As well as he recieved teh black votes.
The Berlin Wall
Was a wall in the city of Berlin that kept the city seperated, not allowing people to flew the coutnry.
Peace Corps
People that volunteered there time to go to less forutite countries and helped them.
The Warren Commission
Studied the murder of JFk, which found that only one man was involved in killing him.
Jim Crow Laws
Helped segrate the blacks against the whites in the south.
Was a group that wanted blacks to be equal to the whites. They wanted the jim crow laws not to be allowed.
Freedom Riders
Were people who traveled around the south on buses deamnding cicil rights of blacks.
Black Panthers
Were a group of blacks that wanted to fight police brutality in the ghetto's. they wanted a change.
Affirmative Action
This still is around today. Which allows minorities special treatment when it comes to getting into a school, or a job etc.
Civil Rights Act 1968
This act banned discrimination to races in such areas of daily lives, like buying a home.
Was made up from Congress for citizens over the age of 65, to allow them to get help with health care needs such as health insurance.
Voting Rights Act of 1965
this act banned reading tests (literacy) to be made before a person could vote.
Hard to break segeration
JFk had to send help to the Alabama Universties to help black student to be able to attend classes.
Sit In's
Sit-Ins were done by mostly college age students trying to bring a point to the knowledge of the community. They would sit in a place for a long perios of time.
Natural Gaurd Sent in to help....
In Little Rock Arkansas, to allow black student to atten public schools.
STUDY: Cuban Missile Crisis In your book!!!!
Chapter 20 or 21
Study: Brown vs Board of Education
Chapte 21

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