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White Diamond


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What are the three decisions
The decision to join Pi Kapp PHi Fraternity instead of another, the decision at initiation to make a lifelong commitment to the preservation and progress of Pi Kappa Phi, the decision to be a caring, active Pi Kapp beyond the college years.
What are the six responsibilities of a pledge?
Be Yourself, Learn Pi Kappa Phi, Act Responsibly, Be Ethusiastic, Be a Friend, Fill a Role.
Who are the two people that wrote the white Diamond?
Evan Erickson (Alpha Delta Chapter-- University of Washington), TJ Sullivan (Alpha Psi-Indiana University)
What was the first secret society?
The Flat Hats (club)
What was the first Greek letter organization?
Phi Beta Kappa-- Founded by John Heath (William and Mary) in 1776, created many of the characteristics that mark the modern fraternity and sparked a movement of other Greek letter organizations.
What was the Miami Triad?
Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Chi, and Beta Theta Pi- three national fraternities that still exist today at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
Where was Pi Kappa Phi founded?
Charleston, South Carolina (College of Charleston).
Who were the seven loyal Nu Phi's?
Andrew Alexander Kroeg Jr., Simon Fogart Jr., Lawrence Harry Mixson, Anthony Pelzer Wagener, Thomas F. Mosimann, Theodore ("Teddy") Barnwell Kelly, and James Fogarty.
What does Nu Phi mean?
"Non-Fraternity" The founders wanted to be officers in the literary society, so they started a frat eventually
Who are the three founding Fathers?
Andrew Alexander Kroeg Jr., Simon Fogarty Jr., Lawrence Harry Mixson.
Where is Alpha Chapter?
College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina
Who was the first initiated member of Pi Kappa Phi
Henry Patrick Wagener (Pelzer's younger brother)
Where was the first meeting of the fraternity?
Simon Fogarty's house at 90 Broad Street, Charleston, South Carolina
What color ink were the minutes written in?
Dark Green
What was the first meal?
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Where is Beta Chapter?
Presbyterian (Clinton, South Carolina)
Where is Gamma Chapter?
University of California
Where is Delta Chapter?
Furman University (Greenville, South Carolina)
What is the original Motto in Latin?
"Nil Separ Abit" (Nothing Shall Separate Us)
What is the current Motto in Greek?
"Nothing shall Ever tear us asunder"
Who was Pi Kappa Phi's first executive Secretary and Director?
George Sheetz (Alpha)
Who is Durward Owen?
He took over the position of Executive Secretary (later called "Executive Director" or CEO) in 1959 and led the Fraternity and its National Headquarters until 1994 (35 years) and was named the 4th Honorary Founder. (Xi Chapter-Roanoke)
Who is Leo Pou?
He was named the first "Mr. Pi Kappa PHi" in 1965. (Omicron Chapter--University of Alabama_
Who is Mark Timmes? And whats significant about him and the Star and Lamp
The current Chief Executive Officer. (Alpha Epsilon Chapter--University of FLorida). Editor and Chief for Star and Lamp
What is the NIC
The North American Interfraternity COnference. It is an organization composed of 67 national fraternities whose representatives meet annually to discuss matters of mutual interest and problems of mutual concern (headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana).
What are the three core objectives of Pi Kappa Phi?
Build better men, Build leading chapters, Promote lifelong brotherhood.
What is the IFC?
THe IFC (Inter-Fraternity COuncil) is a developed inter-greek organization. This organization allows for a mutual exchange of ideas in the development of deeper understandings through combined efforts and friendly associations. The role of the IFC should be to foster goodwill between fraternity chapters and to assist in promoting the greek system in a postive format
What is the Supreme Chapter?
Every two years the greater Pi Kappa Phi fraternity gathers together its representatives for the purpose of exercising supreme legislative power. The Supreme Chapter is the supreme legislative authority of the Fraternity. All matters pertaining to the conduct of the affairs of the fraternity can be guided and directed by the actions of the Supreme Chapter. The decision of this body are of the highest authority in the fratnerity.
What is Mid Year Conference?
A national leadership school which focuses on officer training and orientation held in different regionally based cities over four weekends every January
What is PI KAPP College?
Pi Kapp College is held ever other summer in the year in which Supreme Chapter is not scheduled. It is conducted over a five-day period. Each chapter is required to send four presentatives and others desiring to attend may do so. Special focus is placed on developing personal leadership skills in each member who attends.
What is the mission statement?
Strong enough to care
What is the vision statement
Pi Kappa Phi will become America's leading Fraternity (by 2004 we will lead)
What are the 4 entities of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity?
Pi Kappa PHi Fraternity, PUSH America, Pi Kappa Phi Foundation, PKP Properties.
What are the three focus areas of PUSH
Awareness, Fundraising, and Volunteerism
What are the eight PUSH Programs?
No Boundaries week, push academy, Give-a-push weekends, Push camp, Journey of HOpe, Gear of Florida, AccessABILITIES, Build America
What does PUSH stand for? (Both meanings)
Now PUSH, it used to be People Understanding the Severely Handicapped, Play Units for the Severely Handicapped
Who founded PUSH?
Thomas Sayre. (Kappa Chapter--University of North Carolina
Who founded Journey of Hope?
Bruce Rogers (Chi Chapter---Stetson University)
Who is Robert Bennett?
He gave the largest gift the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation has ever received. He left over $2 million dollars in his will to be used for the educational programs of the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation (ALpha Alpha Chapter-Mercer)
What is the Gateway Society?
The Gateway Society consists of certain alumni who choose to give all or part of their estate to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation upon their death.
What is the NU PHI society?
The Nu PHi Society was started in 1983 at the 39th Supreme Chapter in Mobile, Alabama. Their initial purpose was to honor and recognize the first meeting of a group of men at the College of Charleston in 1904 who eventually formed Pi Kappa Phi. The NU PHi Socety soon adopted a supporting role in the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation and today is one of its best supporters. It is an honorary group for faithful alumni who have attended at least five Supreme Chapter meetings and make a lifetime financial commitment to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation. Or you are a Mr. Pi Kappa Phi or Hall of Fame
What is the National Presidents Circle?
In 1992, when Stephen DePalma, Beta Alpha (NJIT) was National President, he decided that he wanted to create an opportunity in which undergraduate members could also committ to supporting the ducation activities of Pi Kapa Phi Foundation. Student members who commit to financially supporting the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation both as an undergraduate and as an alumnus can join the NPC
What is the Journey of Pi Kappa PHi?
The journey of PKP is the fraternity's lifelong member development program, and its programs receive major support from alumni donations given through the Foundation. The Journey is a premier educational program designed to strengthen our member's academic and personal performance.
What is the Jack Casper Leadership Society?
A leadership society created and funded by alumnus Jack Casper (Alpha Upsilon--Drexel) It annually recognizes and rewards seven undergraduate members who have demonstrated superior leadership and academic performance in the name of PKP Fraternity
What is the difference between the National and Chapter executive boards?
National-Chancellor, Chapter-warden
Who is the President and PReseident Elect of Pi Kappa Phi National Fraternity?
J Ernest Johnson. (Alpha Iota, Auburn) John Andrew (delta delta Truman State)
What are the three major volunteer positions under the National Council?
Ambassador, Academic coach, speakers and Guest facilitators
What is a leadership Consultant?
A recently graduated, paid fraternity staff member who travels from chapter to chapter advision on fraternity operations
What is PKP leadership Institute?
A leadership program among fraternities, this institute allows undergraduate and alumni brothers the opportunity to attend Stephen Covey's seven Habits of HIghly Effective people workshop at a dramatically reduced cost in a regionally located city.
What is Life 401 Conclave?
A career and life planning seminar presented to graduating seniors as a component of the Journey of Pi Kappa Phi program.
What is the STAR program?
An alcohol education program presented to associated members of PKP. Students taking over alcohol responsibility
What is the Gold Book
A book that contains the subordinate rituals of the fraternity as well as its Supreme Laws and Constituion.
What is the Star and Lamp?
The national magazine of PI Kappa Phi Fraternity.
What is the White diamond Manual?
An educational publication for assocaited members of PKP
What is the Active Pin?
A diamond shaped shield of black enamlel, across the center of which is superimposed the scroll of gold bearing the Greek Letters by which the fraternity is known. In the field above the scroll is the star of the Fraternity and below is the Grecian lamp, which is always shown as lighted.
What is the pledge pin?
A gold edged diamond shaped shield of white enamel with the scroll of the Fraternity in gold across its center. This pin is referred to as "The White Diamond"
What is the coat of arms?
The coat of arms of PKP Fraternity is divided into three parts. These parts are the shield, the crest, and the motto. The shield is blue with a gold chevron. Above the chevron are three gold stars and below it are two crossed stords pointing upward. The crest is positioned atop the shield. The crest consists of a gold student's lamp resting on a gold book of knowledge. Below the book is a blue and gold student's scroll.
What is the Star Shield?
The official recognition button is referred to as the star shield. It is a five-pointed star, imposed upon the crossed swords of the Frat. Although there have been many uses for this symbol since its inception in 1937, it is used today as the public logo of pKP
What are the positions of the national fraternity?
National President, National Vice President, National Secretary, National Treasurer,Chaplain, Chancellor, Historian
What are the committees under Vice Archon?
Recruitment Committee, Public Relations Committee, IFC RElations
What are the committees under Treasurer?
Budget and Finance Committee, Housing Committee
What are the committees under Secretary?
Social Committee, Push America, Committee
What are the committees under Warden?
Member education committee, Scholarship committee,
What are the committees under Historian?
Alumni Relations Committee, Intramural Committee
What are the committees under Chaplain?
Ritual Committee, Misc. Temporary Committees
What is the Flag?
The flag of the Fraternity consists of three vertical stripes, the outer two of royal blue and the center of white. In the upper left corner is a gold star and in the diagonally opposite corner a Grecian lamp of Gold. On the center white strip are the Greek letters of the Frat in blue placed vertically
What is the rose of PKP?
The sweetheart song, serenade song?
Who wrote the Rose?
Robert Harper, music by Marian Harper
What is the Brotherhood song of PKP?
PKP, PKP. God bless our fraternity, we have shared thy brotherhood, We love you so..
What are the founder's awards?
The highest and most prestigious honor bestowed on a chapter of PKP. It has been granted only once, in 1982 to Gamma chapter at Cal Berkeley, in the history of the fraternity
What are the duties of Archon?
Official head and chief executive of the chapter. Presides at all chapter meetings, Supervises the work of the chapter officers, Supervises scholarship and committees, Chief public relations spokesman, Presents complaints to standards board on behalf of the chapter.
What are the duties of Vice Archon?
Second principal officer of the chapter, Responsible for membership recruitment, oversees recruitment committee, responsible for complainance with IFC regulations.
What are the duties of the treasurer?
Third principle officer of the chapter. Prepares and follows chapter approved budget, maintains uniform and acceptable accounting system, prepares the treasure's section of the green report, collects and disburses all chapter monies, supervises work of the house manager and stweard, oversees the budget and finance committee, oversees the housing committe.
What are the duties of the warden?
Director of membership education, keeps order during all sessions of the chapter, attends the door during all chapter meetings, distributes and collects ballots, chairs the associate member education committee, organizes the big brother program, oversees the scholarship committee
What are the duties of the historian?
Oversees alumni relations committee, director of all chapter publications, keeps an accurate account of the history of the chapter, cares for guest book, maintains a chapter library, maintains a chapter scrapbook, maintains member record cards, prepares homecoming activities, liasion with alumni newsletter program, chapter correspondent to star and lamp
What are the duties of the chaplain?
Oversees the ritual committee, conducts and coordinates all religious services of the chapter, responsible for all ritual ceremonies and equipment, responsible for all debriefing and intepretation of ritual, educates chapter on chapter code of conduct, responsible for the observance of founders day, keeps alumni records accurate, reports alumni records updates to the national headquarters.
What is a code of conduct?
A special section of the chapter bylaws, which describes the obligations of membership and expected conduct of a member
What is the difference between bylaws and a consitution?
Bylaws-Laws that govern individual chapters, Constitution-Laws the govern all of our frats
What is standards board?
A special chapter committee charged with resolving conflicts between members and enforcing the chapter's code of conduct.
What is a greek advisor?
A campus staff person who is appointed to oversee the IFC and administer campus programs for the greek system.
Who is our chapter advisor?
Greg Foster, Texas Tech
What are the seven individual expectations of each member?
The creed shit.. Just know the creed
Selflessness, Financial Responsibility, Academic excellece, maintain the dignity of the fraternity, uphold your college's traditions, preparing for the futre, do your share
What are the nine areas of etiquette? CCDDTAILS
Shaking hands, introductions, as a host, language, telefone manners, compliments, correspondence, the art of dining, dressing appropriately
How does one end a letter to another brother?
Yours in pi kappa phi, or fraterally yours
What is personal ethics?
The rules a man develops in his own mind, his own sense of what is right and what is no.
What are the seven stances?
Substance Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Hazing, AIDS, Risk Management, Diversity (Ethnic, Religious, Racial),
What are the four areas of time management?
Academics, Fraternity & Activity, Personal, Job
What are the eleven areas of learning to study?
Keep up on your notes, study with other students, study in a quiet place, make reading notes, watch for your professors to give you cu, keep your notes, learn how to use a computer. meet your professors, use tools, study at quiet times of the day, avoid all nighters.
What are five ways to give yourself the advantage?
Never skip a class, sit in the front rows, Always do extra credit, Reread last paragraph of notes before class, Visit your profressor at least once a week.
What is an academic coach?
A special volunteer who is under a contractual agreement to deliever and administer PI Kappa Phi's award winning collegiate success program
What are the nine steps to selling the fraternity?
Know your product, Identify a buyer, Pitching the product, Demonstrating the product, Making the sale, extending a bid to membership, making the transaction, closeing the sale--- retention
What are the 3 types of potential members?
1-Know they want to be in a frat, have to convince them that pkp is it. 2--These rush but are unsure, Sell greek then sell PKP. 3--You have to search for these ones
What are the 3 steps in pitching the product?
Introduce him to PKP, get to know him and him to know you, Picture him as a PKP
What are the 4 ways to extend a bid? (Andy is eating cookies)
What is the term dry rush mean?
No alcohol during rush
What is an Alumnus initiate?
A member who is initiated after attending college
What is a legacy?
A manle relative of an initiated member who is rushing. Usually given special consideration as an act of courtesy to the related member.
What does continuous rush mean?
IT means that the process of recruitment is not limited to one or two weeks each semester, We are always able to spot a would be PKP on campus and we must be ready to rush men informally, whenever it feels right.
What are all the minimum chapter standards?
Academics, Finances, Membership?
What are the min standards for academics?
Cum chap gpa 2.2 or top 2/3 on campus,
What are the min standards for finance?
Chapter approved budget filed with National HQ at year end-- and chap must operate without financial loss
What are the min standards for membership?
Number of actives higher than campus avg, or 25 actives
What are the seven core objectives of PKP
Recruitment success, Superior Associate Member Education, Scholastic Achievement, Sound chapter operations, Living the ritual, Committment to service, Effective chapter alumni relations
What is the order of importance?
God, Family, Academics, Fraternity
what are the five steps in making a tough decision?
Review existing policies, isolate the issue, Remove all emotions, seek neutral advice, do it now
What are the four groups of alumni?
0-5, 6-20, 20-45, 45+
What are the four levels of alumni/
Interest, Interaction, Involvement, Investment
What are the nine steps to planning an alumni event
Make sure you give people ample notice, Plan age appropriate events, recruit a committee, be friendly, redefine your expectations of success, be prepared for some costs, be prepared to make some phone calls, be creative, contact the national headquarters
What is PKP National Risk Management Policy Called
FIPG, An association of national fraternities formed to assist in the management of insurance concerns and risk inherent in the greek system
What are the five areas that form this polic FIPG?
Alcohol and drugs, Hazing, Sexual abuse and harassment, Fire, health and safety, eduction
What does GAMMA mean?
Greek advocating mature moderation of alcohol. An organization which is found on many campus', headed by greek leaders
What is a Golden Legion?
An honorary group for men who ahve been members of PKP for 50 or more years?
What is the mascot?
Gator and raider
Who is Ed Lu?
Psi Cornell, Aboard space shuttle atlantis
Roger Crouch
Old Dominion (Gamma Beta), Brought PKP flag into orbit.
Who is Howard Baker?`
Tennesse (Alpha Simga) Former US Senate Majority Leader and Chief of Staff for President Ronald Reagan. Howard Baker Leadership Award Given to members who prove themselves to be superior campus leaders
Who is Henry H Fowler?
Roanoke (XI). On cover of 1965 TIME magazine, Secretary of Treasure for President Lyndon B. Johnson

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