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Born on December 7, 1873 in Back Creek Valley
First Cathers originally came from Ireland to Pennsylvania in the 1750's
Moved to Red CLoud Nebraska in 1884
Her father worked at a loan and insurance office.
Her mother was a "vain woman, mostly concerned with fashion and trying to turn WIlla into a lady."
Meets Annie Sadilek in Red Cloud; she later uses her for the Antonia character in "My Antonia"
SHe later moves to Lincoln Nebraska in 1890 to study for the entrance exam at the University of Nebraska.
Published "Peter" in a Boston magazine in 1892 (it later became part of My Antonia)
Published "On the Divide" in 1896
Taught English and Latin in Pittsburgh high schools in 1901
Visited Europe in 1902
"April Twilights", a collection of poetry, is published in 1903.
"The Troll Garden", a short story collection, is published in 1905
Later, in 1906, she moves to New York and eventually becomes the managing editor of McClure's Magazine.
Meets Sarah Orne Jewett in 1908, who later inspires Willa to write about Nebraska.
Writes "The Bohemian Girl" in 1911.
"Alexander's Bridge" is published in 1912.
Cather visits the Southwest for the first time and she "discovers herself"
She is fascinated by the Anasazi cliff dwellings.
This place made her think of Nebraska and its mixture of native and immigrant cultures
On her way home from the Southwest, Cather visits her old Bohemian friends in Nebraska
Publishes "O Pioneers!" in 1913
Visits Mesa Verde in COlorado in 1915
Publishes "The SOng of the Lark" in 1915
Meets her old friend ANnie Sadilek Pavelka in 1915
Write "My Antonia" in 1917
Publishes "My Antonia" in 1918
Publishes short story collection "Youth and the Bright Medusa" in 1920
"One of Ours" is published in 1922
SHe is awarded the Pulitzer prize for "One of Ours" in 1923
Publishes "A Lost Lady" in 1923
Published "The Professor's House" in 1925
Published "My Mortal Enemy" in 1926
Published "Death Comes for the Archbishop" in 1930
Publishes "SHadows on the Rock" in 1931
Obscure Destinies, a collection of 3 short stories, is based on the Pavelka family
Awarded Prix Femina Americain for "Shadows on the Rock" in 1933
Publishes "Lucy Gayheart" in 1935
Essay collection "Not under Forty" in 1936
Publishes "Sapphira and the slave Girl" in 1938
Publishes "The Best Years" in 1945
Willa Cather dies on April 24, 1947
She was a tomboy who was at home in the saddle
Cather was often thought of as a chronicler of the pioneer American West
When she first arrived at the University of Nebraska she dresses as Willaim Cather, her opposite sex twin.
"Some memories are realities, and are better than anything that can ever happen to one again."- Willa Cather
"There are all those early memories, one cannot get another set."-Willa Cather
In 1944 Cather recieved the Gold Medal of the National Institute of Arts and Letters
Six of Cather's twelve novels are set in the Red CLoud and Webster COunty of her youth
"Cather once said that she belonged to a world that had split in two and, as a woman of two centuries-- the conservative nineteenth and the twentieth-- she certainly bridged quite a gap."

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