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Chapter 24 terms


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futuristic ideas about Corporate America
Civilian Conservation Corps
employed jobless youths in jobs like reforestation, park maintenance, and erosion control
Congress of Industrial Organizations
a 2 million member association of industrial unions including the autoworkers
Tennassee Valley Authority
advanced the economic and social development of the entire Tennessee river valley, a region of poverty
farmers went through foreclosure, especially in Iowa and the Dakotas
National Labor Relations Act
guarenteed collective bargaining rights and outlawed blacklisting
Federal Securities Act
required full disclosure to investors of information relating to stock offerings
Revenue Act of 1935 (Wealth Tax Act)
raised taxes on corporations and the wealthy
smooth flowing curves in the design of commercial products
Harry Hopkins
a relief administrator in New York State
National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act)
guaranteed unions' collective-bargaining rights and outlawed anti-union practices
United Automobile Workers
a union of automoblie workers
Securities and Exchange Commission
created Securities Exchange Act to regulate stock trading activities
Works Progress Administration
headed by Harry Hopkins, to funnel assistance directly to the jobless
pump priming
Government action taken to stimulate the economy, as spending money in the commercial sector, cutting taxes, or reducing interest rates
Emergency Banking Act
set up procedures for managing failed banks, and tightened regulations governing banking practices
Walter Reuther
UAW official who was beat up by some union busting thugs
First New Deal
relief and recovery through a united national effort
a style of music/dance
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
banking act of '33: insured all bank deposits up to 5,000; extended powers of FRB to prevent stock speculation

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