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Multi-sensory Classroom Instruction


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How many ways are there to handle your challenging students?
It depends on the student. You need a variety of intervention technics.
How do you insure that you have enough material to teach?
Over prepare for each lesson
Why is pacing so important to the success of the classroom management?
It keeps students engaged.
Why is the start of a class period or the school day so important?
It sets the tone for the rest of the period or day. (discussion)
Students should be focused on two things during instruction.
The speaker and the task
The instructs to all the students on the same topic.
Whole group instruction
The teacher works with 2-10 students while other groups work independently or 2-3 in a group.
Small group instruction
The teacher sets up different work topics for students to rotate
Two students work or read together
Working in partners
A student works by him/her self
Working independently

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