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What is the instruction for Operational Risk Management?
ORM can become the way we do business through what 3 things?
Leaders at all levels are responsible for ensuring proper procedures are in place and appropriate resources are available
What is ORM?
The process of dealing with risk associated within military operations, which includes risk assessment, risk decision making and implementation of effective risk controls.
Who shall provide policy from ORM in the Navy and ensure specific applications of the ORM process are integrated into Navy Occupational Standards?
CNO (N09F)
Who will provide uniform force wide guidance for identifying areas where existing instructions, SOP and command-specific applications and requirements be augmented with ORM?
Fleet Commanders,
Echelon II Commanders and
Type Commanders
Who shall provide information, data and technical support for the resolution of hazards under their cognizance?
Systems Commands
Who will serve as technical advisor on ORM curricula, provide excerpts from past mishap and hazard reports and analysis of loss data, and supply subject matter and technical experts to assist Inspector Generals (IG's) during mishaps
Commander, Naval Safety Center
Who shall incorporate the ORM process into Naval Standards, curricula, and where ever specific applications warrant additional requirements?
Naval Manpower Analysis Center
Who shall apply the ORM process to all aspects of command operations and activities?
Commanding Officers or
Officer in Charge
Increases our ability to make informed decisions by providing a formal operational risk management process
The ORM process:
Any real or potential that can cause personal injury or death, property damage or mission degradation or damage to the environment.
Hazard Severity
An assessment of the expected consequence, defined by degree of injury or occupational illness that could occur from exposure to a hazard.
Mishap Probability
An assessment of the likelihood that, given exposure to a hazard, an accident will result.
Chance of adverse outcome or bad consequences; such as injury, illness, or loss. Risk level is expressed in terms of hazard probablity or severity.
Risk Assessment
A structured process to identify and assess hazards. An expression of potential harm, desribed in terms of hazard severity, accident probablity, and exposure to hazards
Residual Risk
Risk remaining after controls have been identified and selected.
Risk Assessment Code (RAC)
An expression of the risk associated with a hazard that combines that hazard severity and mishap probability into a single arabic numeral.
What is the first step of the ORM process?
Identify Hazards
What is the second step of the ORM process?
Assess Hazards
What is the third step of the ORM process?
Make Risk Decisions
What is the fourth step of the ORM process?
Implement Controls
What is the fifth step of the ORM process?
What measures can be used to eliminate hazards or reduce the degree of risk?
Engineering Controls and
Administrative Controls,
How many levels is the ORM process?
What are the levels of the ORM process?
Who shall utilize the NAVOSHENVTRACEN as the single point of contact for ORM training for all commands
Commander, Naval Safety Center
Who shall the intergrate the ORM process and its specific application to pertinent subjects into fleet tactical training and Personnel Qual Standards?
Naval Education Training Command
Who shall establish a schedule of OPNAV sponsored two-day application and intigration courses for ORM training in order to qualify personnel as ORM instructors
Commander, Naval Safety Center
Who shall integrate specific applications of the ORM process into Navy Occupational Standards for the Navy's Individual Training Standards?
Naval Education Training Command

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