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Asepsis is?
Process of preventing the access of micro-organisms
What is Barrier technique?
Use of fluid resistant materials to protect them from contamination. Rubber plastic, paper, foil.
What is Bioburden?
Number of Micro-organisms contaminating an object.
Also known as Bioload or Microbial load
What is a Biological Monitor?
Bacterial endospore test which assess whether sterlization has occured. Also known as biological indicator or biological spore test
What is Chemical disinfection?
The destruction or inhibition of most viruses and bacteria while in their growth phase.
What is a Chemical indicator?
Chemical dyes used to determine whether sterlization has been met. Also know as
1. Chemical monitor
2. Dosage indicator
3. Process indicator.
What is Dental Item Classification?
Dental Items are classified based on pathways through which cross contamination may occur and the location and technique of instrument use.
Dental Item are classified as?
Critical, Semi Critical and Non critical.
Critical Items are?
Materials that penetrate the skin, mucous membrane or bone.
Semicritical Items are?
Materials that frequently contact mucous membranes but cannot be sterlized due to their inability to withstand heat.
Non Critical Items are?
Materials that do not normally penetrate or contact mucous membranes but are exposed to splatter, spray or splashing of blood.
What are Engineering Controls?
Equipment or methods which remove bloodbore pathogens from the workplace.
What is an invasive procedure?
A surgical entry into the tissues, cavities organs or repair of major tramatic injuries.
What is Saturated Steam Sterlization?
Steam heat under pressure for sufficient length of time to kill all forms of micro organisms
What is Sterile Sterility?
Free from all living micro organisms.
What is BUMEDINST 6600.10A?
Dental Infection control Instruction.
What is a Gravity Displacement type sterilizer?
A Sterilizer in which incoming steam displaces the residual air through a port or drain in or near the bottom of the sterilizer chamber.
Gravity Displacement Type Sterilizer.
30 minutes at?
121-123 C (250-254 F)
15-17 lb per psi
Gravity Displacement Type Sterilizer.
15 minutes at?
132-135 C 270-274 F
30-32 psi.
What is a Prevacuum type Sterilizer?
Sterilizer which relies on one or more pressure and vacuum excursions at the beginning or end of the cycle.
Operating temperatures for the Prevacuum type Sterilizer are?
132-135 C.
What is a Unit Dose?
Quantity of materials or supplies required to treat a single patient.
Infection Control function are addressed how often?
At least Quarterly.
Medical testing for HBV and HIV are at what intervals?
6 weeks, 12 weeks and 6 months.
Who directs continous review and upgrade of the sterilization and infection control syllabus at the Naval School of Dental Assisting and technology (NSDAT) for dental "A" school?
Commmands must document infection control training with?
Names of persons attending and conduction. Dates and a summary of the contents of the training.
How long are infection control manuals maintained?
For at least three years.
What is the PPBS?
Planning, Programming and Budgeting system used to identify total resources required to meet Infection Control guidelines and those of OSHA and the EPA.
Inital Infection control training is done?
within 90 days of reporting to a Command.
Inital Infection control training is done?
within 90 days of reporting to a Command.

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