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vocab p. 58-64


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place where bees are kept

A beekeeper maintains an apiary.
place where birds are kept

Dont miss the birds-of-prey exhibit in the zoo's aviary.
tease; annoy; nag (originally to harass a trapped badger)

Badgered by the children's persistent pleas, their parents finally relented and allowed them to go to the movies.
treat as highly important

With the first publication of his poems, Robert Burns gained immediate fame and was lionized by Edinburgh society.
place where animals are kept and trianed; collection of wild animals

P.T. Barnum called his traveling circus, museum, and menagerie "the greatest show on earth."
living at the expense of another; sponging

Fleas are parasitic insects.
repeat mechanically, like a parrot (tropical bird that imitates human speech)

Does he really understand what he is saying, or is he merely parroting his teacher?
not dangerous

gentle; kindly

The patient was relieved to learn that his tumor was benign, not malignant.

The principal's benign smile reassured us.
recoveer health after illness; recuperate

After the appendectomy you will have to convalesce for about a week before returning to school.
form pus; rankle; rot; putrefy

When a wond festers, it becomes inflamed, swollen, and painful.
resistance (to a disease)

freedom (as from an obligation); exemption

Mosst people acquire life-long immunity to German measles once they have had that disease.

Federal properties within the city limits enjoy immunity from taxation.
threatening to cause death

very evil

An emergency operation was scheduled to remove the malignant growth.

Ray's parents considered their son's new friend a malignant influence, someone sure to get Ray into serious trouble.

Southern Florida's salubrious climate attracts many convalescents.
praise; extol; laud; glorify

The late composer was eulogized for his contibutions to American music.
praiseworthy; commendable

Although the track star did not succeed in breaking the world's record, she did make a laudable attempt.
(used mainly in the plural) applause; enthusiastic praise; acclaim

Reappearing, the quartet rewarded their admirers' plaudits with an encore.
falsely and maliciously accusing; defamatory; slnderous

Witnesses who heard the calumnious attack offered to testify in behalf of the slandered person.
expressing low esteem; belittling; disparaging

Despite derogatory comments by some critics, the film is abox office hit.
false and defamatory printed (or written) statement

We shall sue the newspaper that printed this libel against out company.
speak evil of ; vilify; traduce

I cannot beear to hear you malign so good of a man.
brand with a mark of disgrace

Surely no one would enjoy being stigmatized by a nickname like "Dopey."
playful teasing; joking; raillery

The retiring employees were subjected to gentle banter about their coming life of ease.
odd and laughter-provoking

"On Eating Crackers in Bed" is surely a droll title for an essay.
in the habit of joking

said in jest without serious intent

Our facetious coach likes turning almost every comment into a joke.

When you are carrying a heavily loaded lunch tray, some joker may try to upset you with a facetious remark, like "Hey, do you have a pen?"
treating serious matters lightly

One should not be so flippant about the need for studying; it is a serious matter that may affect your graduation.
given to jesting; playfully humorous; jocular

Some columnists write in a jocose vein; others are inclined to be serious.
lack of proper seriousness; trifling; gaiety; frivolity

Some of us felt that George's giggling during the ceremony was an unforgiving levity.
humorous imitation

The Washington press corps entertained the Chief Executive with a parody of Presidential message to Congress.
language or writing that exposes follies or abuses by holding them up to ridicule

Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels is a brilliant satire on human follies.
imitation that makes a serious thing seem ridiculous; mockery

It is a travesty of justice that a notorious criminal should escape trial because of a technicality.

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