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Hip Thigh & Pelvis Anatomy and Injuries


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most common thigh injuries
strain & contusion
thigh contusion s/s
pain, discoloration, loss of ROM, can be debilitating
thigh contusion treatment
RICE, gentle stretching, ice on back w/ knee bent to slightly stretch quad
quad contusion complication
myositis offificans
MOI for quad strain
forceful or sudden contraction or overstretch
s/s 2nd & 3rd degree quad strain
palpable divot
common MOI for hamstring strain
coming off of runner’s block
complication w/ hamstring strain
tendinous area strain heals more slowly b/c less vascular, “a pain in the butt”
longest, strongest bone in body
why is a femur fracture a big deal?
takes a lot of force to fracture it, so the action is very violent, results in a total loss of function
complication w/ femur fracture
quads spasm & bring broken ends past each other, causes more soft tissue damage & more pain
femoral fracture treatment
call 911; traction splint, surgery afterwards
common MOI for femoral fracture
femoral fracture s/s
very obvious, usually complete Fx, when in doubt for stress Fx, x-ray
hip joint description
joint between femur and pelvis, ball & socket w/ better stability for decreased mobility
hip joint articulation
head of femur is at an angle to the shaft, fits into acetabulum
identify hip joint ligaments
illiofemoral, ischilfemoral, pubofemoral
describe hip joint ligaments
large, strong ligaments that offer lots of support
strongest hip flexor
strongest hip extensor
gluteus maximus
most common hip dislocation
posterior displacement
MOI hip dislocation
usually MVA, “dashboard injury”
complications w/ hip dislocation
stretched/torn soft tissue, sciatic nerve damage, femoral artery damage

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